The measure of things in the compact class

The measure of things in the compact class - the eighth generation of the VW Golf

“Life happens with a golf” is just one of the telling messages on the occasion of the presentation of the new golf in the Portuguese Duoro Valley. But even life with an eighth generation Golf is not always sunshine and shine. After all, according to VW boss Diess, the “right car at the right time” in the new body color, lime yellow, was able to put a nice accent on the cloudy day in the continuous rain. The latest edition of the bestseller from Wolfsburg, which has been sold 35 million times worldwide, is now intended to answer all current mobility questions to Volkswagen. In addition to conventional and cleaner gasoline and compression-ignition engines, as well as a natural gas variant, the long-runner's range includes three mild hybrids and two plug-in hybrids with a range from 90 to 300 hp. The only difference is that there will not be an electric new Golf with regard to the VW ID.3.

The new Golf 8: Windschnittigeres sheet dress

The look of the Golf 1974, of course, has long been worlds apart from the first generation from 8. But you can clearly see that the Wolfsburg-based company, who proudly brought one of each of the eight generations of the Golf to Portugal, only carefully lent a hand with every model change. True to the motto "Never change a winnig team". With a length of 4,28 meters, a width of 1,88 meters and a height of 1,45 meters, the Golf 8, which is now only available as a five-door model, remains true to its class. At least as far as the dimensions are concerned. Nevertheless, it looks flatter and more elongated. The sheet metal cladding was modeled more streamlined with a view to aerodynamics, the frontal area was lowered to 2,21 m², and even the exterior mirrors were optimized in the wind tunnel. The result: a drag coefficient of 0,275 instead of 0,3 for the Golf 7. By way of comparison: The air resistance world champion Mercedes offers 0,22 with the A-Class sedan. LED headlights and taillights are always standard, with matrix lights on board as an option. Almost unchanged with the same wheelbase: The space for the passengers and the trunk volume from 380 liters to 1.237 liters.

The new Golf 8: Digital Revolution in the cockpit

Getting inside, fine-tuning the seat, buckling up and starting the 1,5 liter TSI doesn't take a minute. That is about as long as the time that elapses between two purchases of a VW Golf anywhere in the world on one of the five continents. VW obviously knows exactly: Every forty seconds someone buys a Golf somewhere in the world - despite all the SUV hype. However, it takes a little longer to find your way around the new stylish cockpit of the Golf 8. In the “tablet on wheels” with a 10-inch display behind the steering wheel and an 8,25-inch or, on request, 10-inch touchscreen, there are no more analog instruments or switches and buttons. Instead, you touch or press on "control islands" to the left of the steering wheel or below the screen on - somewhat difficult to read buttons - to operate the navigation system, air conditioning, radio and much more. Touch slider ”and the temperature in the car and the volume of the radio station can be changed or the interior light and sunroof can be controlled using gesture controls.

The new Golf 8: Car2X communication warns of dangers at an early stage

If that is too tedious for you despite the clearly structured and nicely illustrated menu navigation, after a prompting "Hello, Volkswagen" - at least for the time being - you can express wishes on the subject of air conditioning, navigation systems and telephone in words, which can even be assigned to the individual passenger If the driver says "I'm cold", it actually blows warm from the left ventilation nozzle after a brief confirmation. The unavoidable question about the next toilet is answered by the - incidentally, adaptive assistant - after specifying "I have to pee" immediately with a reference to a rest area nearby. For the first time in the Golf, messages such as speed, speed limit or navigation instructions are projected directly into the windshield via a real head-up display (subject to a surcharge). As the first Volkswagen ever, the Golf 8 with Car2X has the ability to network with other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure and to be warned in good time of dangerous situations such as the end of a traffic jam, construction sites or an approaching emergency vehicle. A milestone on the way to accident-free driving, at least the beginning of what is still a long way off.

The new Golf 8: debut of the 48 Volt technology at VW

The 150 PS eTSI with the 48-volt mild hybrid system in combination with the seven-speed DSG drives the new Golf briskly forward on the rain-soaked asphalt along the Douro and, if necessary, revs up briskly. The chassis offers a choice between agile and comfortable, the steering is sporty direct. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator - in "freewheel" mode - the engine switches off. Then the car rolls without fuel consumption. If you press the accelerator again on the next incline, the combustion engine parries and wakes up standing. Since everything is done more comfortably than with a normal starter, you don't notice the interplay. Effects are more likely to be seen at the gas station. The on-board computer acknowledged the short mix between highway and country road with 5,8 liters, which will make frequent drivers think about the diesel.

AUTOHUB author: Solveig Grewe

The sale of the Golf 8 starts on Santa Claus Day 2019, the engines are in the start phase with the new equipment line "Life" configurable. The base price of the Golf Life 1,5 TSI with 96 kW / 130 PS is 27.510 Euro. The base in the version "Golf" starts 2020 for the price of under 20.000 Euro.

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