The Volkswagen Amarok - The bird behind!

Volkswagen Amarok forces mountains to their knees
Volkswagen Amarok forces mountains to their knees

Why should you chase a bird?
Because you could.

However, only if you drive a pick-up from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 🙂

The Amarok from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle

A terrific clip of a silver Amarok pickup plowing through a rugged landscape and speeding through depressions and river beds. This is how advertising is fun. A powerful clip with a lot of meaningfulness and good emotions.

If he VW Amarok really can, or how long can he do it? No idea - it doesn't matter, it remains an entertaining video clip! Volkswagen promises an average consumption of just 6.8 liters per 100 km of diesel for the Amarok with BlueMotion Technology. All of this should be possible thanks to the powerful diesel engines with BlueMotion technology.

Check out the video and tell me your opinion!



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