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Flexibility is the keyword of the Volkswagen T6 - this also applies to the Multivan Freestyle. This commercial vehicle not only offers a variety of sophisticated accents and smart details, but also makes the T6 a practical camping car that can be converted from an everyday vehicle to a sleeping place in no time at all. The special model is positioned between the Multivan and the California.

The Volkswagen T6 Multivan Freestyle is about more than just driving. The flexible Hanoverian should offer comfortable beds for a spontaneous trip. This is made possible by the “good night package”, the multiflex board and the comfort mattress. For relaxed breaks on long trips, two folding chairs integrated into the tailgate can be removed and placed on the camping table set into the sliding door. So you can eat your sandwiches in the fresh air on a beautiful parking lot with a view. If you then want to take a detour into the countryside, the standard privacy glazing helps not only to protect the load from prying eyes, but also to reduce the heating of the interior. The Multivan Freestyle is ideal for short excursions and does not limit everyday suitability.

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From the robust side also shows the look of the Hanoverian. The Freestyle-Bulli with 17-Zoll-wheels, which fit well with the unpainted bumpers and attachments, drives as standard. So he is outwardly well prepared for driving on unpaved roads. Under the sheet metal you can upgrade the commercial vehicle with an optional four-wheel drive and get a mechanical differential lock at extra cost.

Optionally, the equipment of the Volkswagen T6 Multivan can be upgraded with the Freestlye Plus package. This means that not only LED taillights move in to the rear of the Maxivan, but also full LED headlights at the front. There are also 17 “Devonport” alloy wheels. In terms of price, the cross on the equipment list for this package costs just under 2.200 euros, making it a price advantage of 58 percent compared to Trendline.

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As standard, however, you get the comfort package for the interior, which the dash panel from the Comfortline offers. In addition, an 3 zone climate control system with anti-allergen filter is included in every T6 Multivan Freestyle. In the drives you can choose almost any unit, with the exception of the top diesel with good 200 PS. So ranges from 62 to 110 kW. Optionally, you can also choose a DSG gearbox or the 4-Motion four-wheel drive. Then, the starting price of 36.788,85 Euro increases naturally sensitive.


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