The VW Caddy - the new generation with a high roof

At the end of the year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be launching the 5th generation

What makes the current Caddy from VW so special? It is its weight of up to a ton, which even puts the competition like the Dacia Dokker or the Citroën Berlingo in the shade. VW has come up with something special for this: a very robust rigid axle with leaf springs, namely at the rear. Now the new Caddy is coming onto the market and the question arises: What special features does it have to offer?

The fifth generation

The new Caddy, which will be launched at the end of November, is already the fifth generation with coil springs at the rear, which unfortunately reduces the load a little. On the other hand, the comfort when driving should be significantly higher, and the loading width has also increased. VW has already used parts of the so-called modular transverse matrix, also known as MQB for short, in the previous four generations. The new Caddy is now based entirely on this platform. The Golf VIII served as a model, but it had to be tricked a bit. At 4,50 meters, the new Caddy is around 30 centimeters longer than the Golf, which also extends the wheelbase by a full 13 centimeters.

Lots of displays

Anyone looking inside the new Caddy sees a whole landscape of advertisements. There is also an optional instrument display that allows you to change the view. The driver can display the speedometer and tachometer on two round instruments. It is also possible to look at a navigation map in a large or small view. If you want, you can change the display in detail: for example, show the range for AdBlue on the left and the compass on the right. The touchscreen display also enables the light to be switched on.

Sit comfortably

Sliding doors for the rear are an innovation. The door on the right-hand side of the Caddy is standard, and another one can be selected as an option. The Caddy is offered with five and seven seats and the passengers not only sit comfortably, they also have plenty of space between the roof and their heads.

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