First ride: Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDI 4motion

Over 5.20 meters long, a 2.52 square foot bed, four-wheel drive, fat tires for the terrain and a martial look. But under the hood, it had to judge so far a 2 liter four-cylinder diesel engine. For a big pick-up you were in the choice of the engine in Hanover (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) very modest - that's changing now. Three liter displacement, six cylinders and between 163 and 224 hp. The Amarok not only gets a mild facelift this year, but finally the right engine! 

First ride of the Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDI

With the 224 PS strong V6 Amarok over stick and stone

“Easy with 2.000 revolutions” - are the words of the instructor when it comes to the 45 ° incline. Before that it started to drizzle slightly. The off-road terrain shows its muddy and slippery side. The vehicles were swapped before it went off-road - understandably, you don't want to chase the road version of the new V6 TDI AMAROK with beautiful 18-inch alloy wheels and sporty 255 / 60-18 tires. Those who opt for the tour through the gravel pit are better off choosing a tire with grip. At the latest here, on the damp slope, the road tires would have been over.

Volkswagen Amarok V6 012 test report test

The Amarok's “commercial vehicle page” now shows what is possible. Power thanks to 3 liter displacement and turbo pressure. 224 hp and 550 Nm torque fall from the 8-speed automatic transmission. The power between the front and rear axles is distributed via the good “TORSEN differential”. In addition, a manually lockable differential is waiting to be used on the rear axle. The all-wheel drive technology is supported by a brake control system, adapted for off-road use.

Now then - slowly get up to the incline, bring the engine to 2.000 revs, stop, and set off over the slope with a clear view of the sky. Despite the tension, the body falls into the backrest, the Amarok heaves up the first mountain passage, accompanied by the grumpy diesel roar. That wasn't a problem for the Amarok. A slope angle of 29 degrees at the front and 24 degrees at the rear make tours through rough terrain easier. And with a fording depth of 500 mm, the next monsoon rain could also be mastered.

Volkswagen Amarok V6 009 test report test
Starrachsen entanglement shown pictorially.

No matter what you had planned at VW, the visit to the gravel pit is no challenge for the revised Amarok. It interlocks its rigid axles with impressive ease, the locked rear axle provides propulsion, even when a wheel is high up in the air. With all the drudgery in the off-road area, the new soundscape also fits. While the sonorous sound of the V6 diesel was particularly present when driving overland, the V6 thumping and rough nailing of the TDI supports the existing power in an acoustic way. With the 8 gears of the ZF automatic, you are well served in the Amarok even without a reduction gear. The first course is short enough to crawl slowly and sensitively along the steep slope.

Downhill supports the Amarok's off-road program with a hill descent aid. Again and again an overcoming for terrain novices. While the driver takes his foot off the brake, the pick-up brakes safely and by itself down the muddy, slippery slope.

On the Road presents the 224 PS strong Aventura Amarok as a real hotspot. In 7.9 seconds on speed 100 km / h and a top speed of 193 km / h are possible.


Volkswagen Amarok V6 010 test report test
Finally motorized properly.

Take 3.5 tons on the hook and swing it out of the mud with momentum. Or pull a horse trailer across the wet meadow. Launching a boat into the mountains with a caravan - for the Amarok, the tasks are only a small part of everyday life. With the facelift of the Amarok, the range of talents is even greater. Work equipment off the road, too, that's one side. A well-equipped cult pick-up with finally enough power the other side.

Anyone who does not take a Euro pallet on the back of their truck in everyday life, but has chosen the Amarok for style reasons, will be happy about the new finish in the interior. Tidy, unruffled and with the exception of some hard plastic elements also quite valuable.

A modern multimedia system underlines the AMAROK's claim to be a stylish alternative for “non-hardcore craftsmen” too. And the possibilities are many. Camping in the heather seems to be an alternative, as is the case in the Namib Desert.

Volkswagen Amarok V6 004 test report test
The multimedia system is also available with Apple Car-Play!

What all Amarok have in common is the new V6 diesel engine. Regardless of whether the 163 PS TDI optimized as a commercial vehicle, which is even available in a rear-wheel drive version with manual six-speed gearbox, or as an “all-inclusive” V6 TDI with 224 PS, 4motion all-wheel drive and eight-speed automatic. The AVENTURA special model is available at the launch of the Amarok. 20-inch wheels, bi-xenon headlights, optional paintwork in matt blue or gray and nappa leather in the interior are just part of the extensive package.

Volkswagen Amarok V6 011 test report test
With or without lifestyle ChiChi. The Amarok is a pick-up for the hard times.

At the end...

Why exactly has this engine just now packed under the hood of the Amarok? The question remains unanswered during the first drive of the newly-lifted Amarok. One thing is clear: With the new V6 diesel, the Amarok finally drives as confidently as one would expect from a pick-up truck in its size. In combination with the playful and clear design of the Amarok he will finally become a really cool pick-up in his second half of life! However, 55.365 € are also on the price tag of the top pick up.



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