Behind bars in the VW load up!

Calm down! This is not about Swedish curtains, nor about any kind of prison, jail or building. No, Volkswagen is now offering the load up! on, a van that has two seats behind which a partition grille is installed. And that already shows the main purpose of the mini-runabout: couriers, pizza delivery men and the like get with the load up! a new alternative for the daily delivery business. The load can even be a little larger, after all, the Wolfsburg-based model offers a load volume of 990 liters. So the pizza order can sometimes be bigger.

From the outside, the load up! like an ordinary up!
From the outside, the load up! like an ordinary up!

The VW up! is commonly considered something like the premium product among the microcar. Usually in white, it looks like an iPod - quite simple and chic. That's the load up! not off, but only his back seat. On the other hand, the trunk extends from the boot lid to the standard divider grid to 990 liter volume. Coupled with the agility and efficiency of the small car concept, this results in a veritable city van.

The load up !: inside delivery van, outside iPod

Efficiency is a big issue in the small delivery van. As an e-load up! he was classified in energy efficiency with an A +. This pleases the owner, since Stromer are currently exempt from the motor vehicle tax. If one adds the low power consumption, which amounts to 11,7 kWh / 100 kilometers, one drives the bottom line really cheap - if only the high entry price would not be there. You have to fork out 23.000 Euro, if you want to get the electrically powered load up! in front of the shop. Add to that the sumptuous features of automatic climate control, 15-inch alloy wheels and other, above all optical, gimmicks that amaze at the high base price. However, considering that the e-load up! with a full battery charge only a maximum of 160 km drives far, you get into pondering again.

vw-load-up vans-2016-my-car-blog-1But there are other variants that beat less on the wallet. Thus, the city van is also available as 60 PS gasoline with an average consumption of 4,4 liters and costs only about 9.300 Euro. He offers almost no equipment. But the price difference of around 13.000 Euro compared to the Stromer wants to be moved out first. Another alternative is the natural gas variant, the eco-load up !. It starts at around 11.800 Euro and is content with 2,9 kilograms of natural gas on 100 kilometers. Ask yourself only where you want to refuel the natural gas, after all, corresponding gas stations are sown rare. At LPG that would look quite different. But a pizza-messenger gets around well and will certainly find the way to a gas station.


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