News: VW Passat GTE - Passat remains Passat

If you are under power, you should get going quickly: That is the principle behind the Passat GTE

If you are under power, you should get going quickly: That is the principle behind the Passat GTE. Volkswagens first plug-in hybrid in this class lives up to the driving promise. However, the promise of savings depends heavily on the owner - and his living situation.

The sedan costs 44.250 euros, a thousand more the much more popular station wagon. The combination of a 1,4-liter TSI engine with 156 hp and an electric machine with 115 hp and the installation of a 9,9 kWh lithium-ion battery just costs - but is also fun.

There is a separate button under the driving modes for the rapid propulsion with the full power of both hearts: If the GTE button is pressed, the Passat activates the full power of its 219 hp; 400 Newton meters kick the driver at full throttle, and in just under eight seconds the 100 km / h mark is behind him. GTE is not an empty promise.

If you belong to the group of hurried business travelers, you don't have much of an electric drive in terms of economy. Because with the accelerator pedal depressed, the rapidly draining batteries are constantly recharged by the petrol engine - so the ten-liter consumption mark is more realistic than the just over five that occur in normal mixed operation over longer distances.

But of course it is also much less possible. That is when the GTE is moved very unsportsmanlike, gently and with foresight to commute daily from the socket in the garage at home to the socket at the office parking lot 40 kilometers away. With fully charged batteries and a sensitive gas foot, the driver always moves the Passat GTE purely electrically - up to 130 km / h. And when the electricity comes from the solar system on the roof of the home, the consumption costs in operation are zero. By the way, the battery will be full again in four hours, and in 2,5 at fast charging stations. If you want your own, you have to spend around 1.000 euros including installation.

The 1,7 liters of standard consumption are unrealistic, but a two to three decimal point is always possible when commuting in good conditions. So if you have these prerequisites, it is definitely worthwhile to work with the Plug-In Passat.

The independent GTE line, by the way, corresponds to a clearly enriched medium-sized trend line. LED headlights, fatigue detection, multi-collision brake, city emergency brake function, rain sensor, park beeper at the front and rear and comfort seats are already standard, 17-inch alloy wheels, a power meter for the hybrid displays in the instrument cluster, special applications and seat covers, a leather steering wheel and the hybrid blue ambient lighting is added.

Passat remains Passat; with travel comfort, a range of up to 1.000 kilometers per filling of the battery and the 50-liter tank, excellent space and a very valuable impression. Even if the invisible battery pack in the underbody costs 180 liters of cargo space - up to 1.780 liters remain in the variant and 1.152 in the sedan.

Author: Peter Weissenberg / SP-X

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