New cars all over the world

Europe is not the hub of the auto world. There will also be interesting new models in other parts of the world in 2021.  

The automotive year 2021 is full of exciting debuts. Some are withheld from normal German buyers. Five examples from all over the world.  

VW Taos - the Golf successor for America

Classic cars no longer sell in the USA. VW is also increasingly switching its program to SUVs. The mid-range Passat sedan has recently been replaced by the long version of the Tiguan (known in Europe as the Tiguan Allspace), and the Golf is now also being phased out of the range. The designated successor is the Taos, a 4,50 meter SUV with Chinese roots and from Mexican production. The only slightly larger EU Tiguan would be too expensive for the C-segment, which is very price-sensitive in the USA. A similar strategy is already known from the large Touareg SUV, which is no longer available in the USA. Instead, there is the less luxurious, but much cheaper Atlas.

Ford Bronco - the off-roader with lifestyle flair

Even if Bronco is actually just another word for “Mustang”: The new wild horse only has a sense of traditional design in common with the sports car that is also offered in this country. Because you can also see the deep roots in the Ford model history of the off-roader Bronco. Between 1966 and 1996, the cross-country vehicle had five model generations, and will be back in 2021. Visually, the first model generation with its round headlights is the inspiration, albeit in a very modern interpretation. The technology is rather classic: ladder frame, all-wheel drive and lots of mechanical and electronic climbing aids. In the USA, the Bronco will be a bargain at a price equivalent to just under 26.000 euros. If you want to have it in Germany, you still have to pay for the import including customs and taxes.  

Skoda Kushaq - a king for India

The Indian new car market is dominated by Asian brands such as Maruti, Tata, Hyundai, Kia and the Chinese newcomer MG. Skoda wants to change that and is preparing its model offensive on the subcontinent with the Kushaq. It speaks of self-confidence and determination that the Czechs use the Sanskrit word for “king” or “ruler” when naming their debutants. With a length of around 4,25 meters, the Kushaq should still rank below the compact Skoda Karoq, but in the small car country India it should stand out from the streets. But then only the entourage should ensure true dominance - because Skoda wants to develop further models for the Indian market on the same technical platform.  

Daihatsu Taft - the SUV trend in miniature  

The latest Kei Car from Toyota's Micromobil division is somewhat reminiscent of the Hummer mega SUV. However, on a mini scale: the angular five-door is just 3,40 meters in length. It's not even 1,50 meters from door handle to door handle. In view of the narrow dimensions, there is a surprising amount of space on board. Especially when the two individual seats in the rear are folded down and the flexible loading floor is in the lowest position. Touchscreen, reversing camera, cruise control, automatic transmission and even all-wheel drive are on board. There is also a feature that even luxury limousines cannot offer - the beep of the indicator can be adjusted at the push of a button. Taft, like its numerous other, no less original kei-car colleagues, will not make it to Germany. On the one hand because of the stricter approval rules, on the other hand because of the larger space requirements of European customers.  

GMC Hummer EV - same in green

Electric car skeptics in the USA can breathe a sigh of relief: Even in the electric age there will be completely incorrect cars, because General Motors has probably reactivated its paramilitary off-roader brand Hummer especially for this clientele and gives it an electric drive instead of the old V8 -Großhuber missed. The total of three electric motors propel the five and a half meter giant with 1.000 hp, with a maximum of a little more than 550 kilometers. Then it's off to the ultra-fast charging station, where 10 miles can be refueled in around 100 minutes. The whole thing should initially cost significantly more than $ 100.000, but cheaper entry-level variants are also planned for the future. Provided that the E-Hummer is as successful as its petrol predecessor. 

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