Pride and prejudice: First test of the VW Golf Variant 1.5 TSI

Pride and Prejudice

First ride in the VW Golf Estate 1.5 TSI Evo. From two angles.

First part: the prejudice

Golf Variant? Really now? Cunty and fun liberator you just do not have it at mein-auto-blog? Bjoern has only been here a few days ago with one posing, as at least as fast R. And now the AllerWomkombi. Good night, I'll lie down.

Second part: The pride

A wonderfully liberating feeling. If you can do what you feel like doing. Not necessarily financially, but freed from the urge for validity. In addition, the right amount of sport (not too much, not too little) has ensured that the back is still not tweaking. So let's drive the neighbors in the terraced housing estate Tiguan. High sitting, either because you have to (the back!) Or like (the image). Or Passat. Because you just show size, even if the children are already out of the house. That half a meter of useless space in the rear is constantly balanced around curves: No matter!

"Just say, we go golf!" - This style-forming sentence of a former VW commercial matches wonderfully in the present time. The Golf has gotten its refresher. VW is "democratizing" again, this time "innovative technologies". But that also means that you no longer have to orient yourself upwards.

Let's briefly check the new bumpers on the front and rear, press both eyes on the model-dependent pseudo tailpipe trims and note LED lights on both ends of the 4.567 Millimeter Variant: Rear ex works, front for extras from 1.085 Euro, depending on version , The tested Highline has it as standard, further 930 Euro costs the adaptive control.

But now in: The golf with its update is only really new when you make diligent cross on the order form. Oh, sorry, it must of course be called input mask. The Golf is now digital.

The Active Info display moves into it: 510 Euro for big cinema behind the wheel. Then, if you leave the countless display modes on the left and the navigation map between the speedometer and tachometer sets. Quick overview without the eye looking too far from the road. Right next to it the whole thing again in big.

In the new "Discover Pro" navigation module. 9,2 screen size and a state-of-the-art resolution of the display. New are a configurable home screen and a gesture control. This works only in some menus (eg when choosing a radio station or a music album cover), but only sometimes. So she is dispensable. Unfortunately, the Wolfsburg have waived the knob for the volume. This is unnecessarily complicated. So also something new: The first time applies to a VW: The function follows the form.

Under the bonnet of the test car, a new engine is found again: The 1.5 TSI with 110 kW / 150 PS will replace the equally strong 1.4 TSI in a few weeks. And is recommended as the first choice for the Golf Variant customers. Sufficient power in all situations, a quiet running noise and an acceptable consumption of just over seven liters on 100 kilometers according to on-board computer make him a recommendation. If it may be something more.

The fact that the new TSI raises its voice clearly at high speeds should not disturb the target group. Is the dynamic mania outgrown? And rest in itself. One would rather be happy about the fine new technology components in the interior, where even the son-in-law is amazed. That the dark blue Variant on the supermarket parking lot next door with his "Gebäudereinigung Potzblitz" sticker looks no less exciting than your own? More satisfaction as an obstacle.

Specifications, Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI

capacity1.498 cc
Cylinder4 in series
kW / hp110 / 150 at 5.000 - 6.000 rpm
Max. Torque250 Nm at 1.500 - 3.500 rpm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h8,7 seconds
top speed218 km/h
NEDC consumption combined5,1-5,2 liters / 100 km
Board computer usage7,2 liters / 100 km
base priceNot yet known





Text and photos: Bernd Conrad

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