Open to everything - the VW T-Roc Cabrio 

Wolfsburg has made a decision. Volkswagen developed become an SUV brand. That's why the Golf is no longer available put the convertible aside, but the success spoiled T-Roc. With the electric one inherited from the cousin The long-legged front-wheel drive car is said to have a fabric roof from 27.495 Strive for the sun and success. Autohub has made a picture of whether Volkswagen was doing so on the windless topless market a big wave succeed can. 

Innovations in the open air segment have become rare. Nissan was the first manufacturer to have the idea - or the courage - to remodel an SUV into a convertible. However, the open Murano never made it into the program in Europe, let alone hit the streets. And at Range Rover, too, the success of the Evoque convertible was so modest that when the smallest Range Rover was reissued, the open version disappeared into oblivion. The big hit, the marketing strategists intended to stage as a second wave of SUVs, obviously did not turn out to be the long-legged convertibles.

VW has a long history of expertise in convertibles   

But that is not considered an irrevocable law in Wolfsburg. As Volkswagen is generally a world of its own with sometimes very own laws. What applies to everyone therefore does not have to be true or valid for VW. Unlike Nissan and Range Rover, the Lower Saxon giant, as the world's largest automobile manufacturer, has one Sales organization with real market power. In addition, unlike Nissan and Range Rover, Volkswagen has considerable and very long expertise in convertibles. And last but not least, Volkswagen is in a way creating a market for itself for its T-Roc Cabrio, because in-house alternatives have just expired and Beetle convertible owners such as Golf convertible and Eos buyers are being made to switch should.

Anyone who drives a convertible is overlooked  

The success of an open car can be seen quite quickly in the number of open mouths and others Read off expressions of sympathy. Judging by that, the T-Roc should also make its way openly. Our high-contrast white-black combined test car in the sporty R-Line design enchants, despite its beefy, muscular appearance with a high belt line and robust planking, apparently quite a lot of people whom we meet - most helpful - at least for hours in the most beautiful autumn weather. And it is precisely this being perceived beyond the normal level is an argument in favor of buying a convertible that should not be underestimated. 


4.000 euros more than the closed version  

In the case of the T-Roc, the price difference to the closed version is around 4.000 euros for those who “just want to buy openly”. Unlike the basic convertible with its 1,0 liter three-cylinder and 115 hp, the tested model with the 1,5 liter TSI engine has one cylinder and 50 hp more, for the distribution of which a seven-speed automatic as Direct shift transmission has to worry about. This performance and comfort plus is reflected on the price side with a surcharge of 7.340 euros. With the R-line scope you end up at 34.835 euros. 

Chassis in normal position for enjoyable driving 

Of the various extras that our test car still had to offer and which ultimately lifted it to just over 41.000 euros, we found - once again - the electronic chassis control (DCC) to be the easiest to do without. Their effect is worth far less than the 1.045 euros that are due for it. In the normal setting, 90 percent of T-Roc convertible owners will certainly unwind more than 99 percent of their kilometers. Which means a most enjoyable form of driving. 

A wind deflector for an extra charge protects the hairstyle

The well-fitting R-Line leather seats take you in after a somewhat tedious grip back to the seat belt, as if they didn't want to let go of you. On the flattering and bend-blessed drive through the Sauerland, this is definitely mutual. Despite the elevated seating position typical of an SUV, the wind deflector (unfortunately only optional and well paid for at 331 euros) provides adequate protection against turbulence in the hairstyle, at least for people of normal height. At a fresh 12 degrees outside, it is topless and full of roar from the automatic air conditioning, which now automatically puts even more effort into it, surprisingly pleasant and largely without annoying wind noises. 

Roof opens and closes in seconds 

Lead-colored clouds on the horizon do not bode well now. Somehow we don't trust the myth that you can drive an open-top dry through rain in a convertible if you drive fast enough. So it's good to know that the three-layer fabric cap, which has already proven itself in the golf, folds up again to protect it within about eleven seconds. Or open again in nine seconds. For everyone who is equally undecided: this works via a switch on the center console even while driving up to a speed of 30 km / h. Or from the outside, of course, using the remote control key. 

Even a trailer coupling on request 

The space at the front is good in the 4,37 meter long T-Roc convertible. The entry to the rear is a bit tedious due to the lack of rear doors and you could also grumble about the tight trunk space of 280 liters when the small hatch is full. But fresh air fanatics who absolutely don't want to go without riding equipment, bicycles or other luggage can opt for a trailer hitch that is rarely found on a convertible. For a surcharge of 775 euros, the SUV convertible can then hook up to 1.700 kilograms and live up to its name as a sporty commercial vehicle.


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