VW Touareg - third generation - Slimmed down and still thicker

Compared to the current Touareg, the new edition is to grow by 20 centimeters in length

In early 2018 VW launch the third generation of the Touareg. As the magazine "Auto Motor Sport" now wants to know, the upcoming variant of the SUV model will grow significantly and at the same time it will also be lighter. In addition, the four-wheel drive should score with digitized interior worlds and stronger networking.

In terms of weight, the top model from Wolfsburg should slim down by a good 200 kilograms

The increase in length will therefore be considerable, because the third generation of the all-wheel drive will jump to a good five meters by 20 centimeters. The new edition also increased slightly in width. At the same time, VW wants to achieve significant savings in weight. Compared to the Touareg, which currently weighs 2,1 to 2,3 tons, the new edition is slated to lose 200 kilograms.

Touchscreen instead of switches and buttons: the workplace in the new Touareg will be much tidier than before

In the interior, VW also relies on reduction, because here the number of switches and buttons should be reduced. Instead, the Wolfsburg-based company uses touchscreen operation with a tiled surface, which can be used to control the functions of the navigation system, infotainment system and telephone. The driver can store a screen configuration according to his wishes, which will then be available via a VW ID. In addition, the on-board system should also be able to exchange information with a network in-house. This would give the driver the option of using the Amazon voice recognition software Alexa to regulate heating or light from the car using a voice command. The new Touareg will celebrate its premiere in autumn. Market launch is expected to be in spring 2018. (Mario Hommen / SP-X)

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