News: Volvo S60 and V60 Cross Country - they live high

Both versions (here S60) have been raised by 6,5 centimeters and can thus be safely moved off solid roads, even if they don't want to be off-road vehicles

As the first company came Volvo on the idea of ​​putting normal passenger cars a little higher and giving them more ground clearance. “Cross Country” has been the name of this species ever since, freely translated: “cross-country”. With the legs of the 60 series there are now two other versions, the station wagon V60 Cross Country and for the first time also a sedan, the S60 Cross Country. Prices start at 36.350 euros.

The two mid-range models surpass their normal versions by exactly 6,5 centimeters, which means a good 20 centimeters of air under the floor panel. Enough to spare precious parts when driving over high curbs or when jetting on humped natural slopes from adversity in the form of dents and scratches.

The S60 Cross Country limousine, in particular, is visually surprising, at the sight of which some spirits are sure to differ. The new height may not at first suit a sporty four-door car with a sweeping roof at the rear. The unusual sedan is only available in the "Summum" top equipment (including leather sports seats, seat heating and two-zone automatic climate control) and only with two engine options, with the two-liter four-cylinder diesel (140 kW / 190 hp, 43.840 Euro) and the equally strong 2,4-liter five-cylinder that drives the all-wheel drive.

During the first test drive with the V60 Cross Country, it was astonishing what the few centimeters more in height make up. You can look at the Golfs and BMWs of this world on the roof, be at eye level with the many SUVs all around and still sit in a civil station wagon. On solid roads, the driving experience in the high Volvo is similar to that of its sister model of the usual kind. After turning onto a bumpy dirt road littered with bumps, the situation changes rapidly. The V60 literally glides over the bump, sometimes allows a subtle incline on a slight hill and never makes the ugly sound of crunching scree under the seat audible when you are in danger of diving deeper into the ground. As I said, a car that can be used to take a shortcut through the forest if the forester allows it.

The entry marks the station wagon with the 110 kW / 150 hp D3 diesel engine (36.350 euros), which, like the T5 turbo petrol engine (180 kW / 245 hp) and the D4 also available for the station wagon, come from the new 2,0-liter four-cylinder Engine family comes from. The V60 Cross Country is also optionally available with all-wheel drive (43.650 euros, 140 kW / 190 hp diesel). In the basic version, two-zone automatic climate control, an audio system and an emergency brake assistant are included as standard.

The interior and possible extras are all known from the “flat” counterparts. The Cross Country is recognizable on the outside, in addition to the grandeur away from the ground, by the wheel arch extensions, the radiator grille with a special honeycomb pattern and special side protection strips. At the bow and stern there are also silver aprons as a kind of underride protection.

Author: Peter Maahn / SP-X


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