News: Volvo S60 / V60 Linje Svart - An idea blacker

Volvo launches a special model of the V90

Present themselves with lush equipment and upgraded design Volvo S60 and V60 as a special model "Linje Svart". The visual features include radiator grille slats in high-gloss black, black exhaust tailpipes and black frames on the side windows. The additional equipment includes heated leather sports seats, navigation system and windscreen heating. There are four diesel engines with power ratings between 110 kW / 150 HP and 165 kW / 225 HP and two petrol engines with 140 kW / 190 HP and 180 kW / 245 HP to choose from. The price list starts at 35.000 euros for the mid-size sedan with the smallest diesel, and 36.600 euros for the station wagon. The basic versions of both models cost 28.350 euros and 29.950 euros, respectively.

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