News: Volvo XC90 Excellence - the chauffeur-driven SUV

Rich Chinese prefer to be chauffeured in long limousines through the bustle of the cities of the million. With a special version of the XC90 wants Volvo now show that complete luxury class comfort is also possible on board an SUV. The XC90 Excellence celebrates its premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The most important change compared to the production model: instead of seven, there are only four seats. There is space for two powerful armchairs with massage and climate function behind the driver and front passenger. The space in between fills a small bar with a refrigerator compartment and handmade glasses made of Swedish crystal glass.

In order to support the limousine-like sense of space, a canvas separates the passenger and luggage compartments. The engineers also tackled the usually louder interior noise in SUVs: in addition to improved insulation, a counter-sound system should also improve the acoustics. This is particularly important in China, where a quiet interior is an important reason to buy, even in small classes. Another XC90 extra should be no less interesting: The air conditioning system is equipped with an ionic air purification system, which is supposed to keep the usually bad city air away from the rear passengers.

The core market for the chauffeur XC90 is likely to be China. But a smaller number of the refined luxury SUV could also come to Germany. The prices should be well above the almost 76.000 Euro that Volvo is currently calling for the most powerful and expensive standard XC90 in the model range.

Author: Holger Holzer / SP-X


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