Volvo relies on retro with 426 hp

There's news from Volvo, from the racing department. The Swedish carmaker has decided to build a retro coupé based on the legendary P1800, with 426 hp and at a dizzying price. The Volvo P1800 Cyan is a car that not only enthuses the real fans.

The racing department now offers a car that represents something like the contrast to current environmental and safety efforts.

Not a unique piece

The new, very chic coupe should not remain a one-off, but rather be sold in a small series at a horrendously high price. So far there have only been pictures that show the car from the outside, only now Volvo has also released a view of the interior, which is no less spectacular than the exterior. Volvo has taken over a lot from the original P1800, the differences only become apparent at second glance. There are, for example, the two elegant bucket seats and the so-called Momo Prototipo steering wheel. The dashboard is of course made of leather and the titanium roll cage, whose tubes are of course also covered with leather, ensures a lot of safety.

Custom made

The instruments have a great retro charm and are reminiscent of the 1960s. They were specially made for the new Cyan P1800. Another nice detail is the perforated pedals, because they make the vintage look even more authentic. The key data also fit the sleek speedster: 990 kilograms empty weight and 455 Nm torque. Shifting takes place with a five-speed gearbox, with the first gear being on the rear left. The limited slip differential distributes the power between the wheels on the rear axle. To prevent the chassis from twisting right from the start, Volvo has reinforced it with carbon and steel.

On the market next year

Racing fans and retro fans will have to wait until next year when the new, old Volvo P1800 will hit the market. Since there is only a small series, it is wise to pre-order now. By the way, the Car costs 500.000 euros.

Image source: Adobe stockphotos

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