Volvo S60 / V60: Rock-solid Schönling

The typical one Volvo- Drivers traditionally value understatement, quality and safety. The station wagon V2010, which came onto the market in 60, and its sister model, the sedan S60, drive in this lane.

Body and interior: The 4,63 meter long 60s are the dynamic fairies in Volvo's model range. As a sedan S60, the Swede is almost as sleekly styled as a four-door coupé, as a station wagon, the visual bend helps to give it a sporty character. Inside, the clear design language of the Scandinavians is reflected and provides a good overview, the workmanship is great, the materials are noble. You need some time to get used to using the infotainment menu with the various buttons on the center console. 380 liters of luggage space in the sedan and 430 to 1241 liters in the station wagon are not top marks, but are fine. Four adults have enough space in the five-seater even on longer distances, but really tall ones should sit in the front.


Engines: The four-cylinder petrol engines cover a performance range from 110 kW / 150 PS to 176 kW / 240 PS. Advice for savers: Not all engines of all construction times have automatic start-stop as standard. The two larger, economical five-cylinder diesels (120 kW / 163 PS and 158 kW / 215 PS) with their rich, self-igniting sound are powerful and perfect for a relaxed, gearshift-style driving style. Gliding long distances comfortably is the strength of the V60 and S60. The top unit is the rarely found T6 six-cylinder petrol engine with 224 kW / 304 hp. The power is transmitted as standard from a six-speed manual transmission, an automatic is only combined with certain engines.

Equipment and safety: The standard version of the basic version is quite decent, including automatic climate control, CD / MP3 radio, split rear seats and a height and width-adjustable steering column on board. The “City Safety” automatic emergency braking function is also always standard, which automatically brakes up to 50 km / h (35 km / h on older models) in the event of an impending collision, thus helping to avoid rear-end collisions. If you value safety, look for a Volvo that has the driver assistance package: It contains lane change assistant, fatigue warning, blind spot assistant and a well-functioning adaptive cruise control for long motorway journeys. For the somewhat confusing limousine when reversing, it is advisable to look for a model with rear parking sensors.


Quality: On their first HU, the S60 and V60 did exceptionally well, even though they had to pull more kilometers in the first few years than the average. Among other things, the TÜV inspectors often check the lights, brakes, suspension, exhaust system and oil loss on the drive. From time to time, the experts have to complain about the drive shafts, they stand out with a slightly higher defect rate.

Conclusion: chic, a little sporty, durable: you can't go wrong with this car. In Kombi-Land Germany, the lifestyle truck V60 is much more common in the major Internet used car exchanges. The original new car price difference of around 1.000 euros has leveled off, the station wagon is now about as expensive as the sedan. With more than 100.000 kilometers on the speedometer, both V60 and S60 are already under 15.000 euros. For a well-equipped specimen well under 100.000 kilometers and medium motorization, you can find it at around 18.000 euros. Not a few Volvo first-time owners have invested in the equipment of their cars, there are various well-equipped used vehicles on the market.

Author: Hanne Lübbehüsen / SP-X

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