Volvo Trucks and the fastest tire, a record combination

World record for average speed over 500 and 1000 meters

Commercial vehicle tires from Goodyear set new standards: the truck "The Iron Knightt "from Volvo Trucks set two new speed records with specially developed tires from international tire manufacturer Goodyear. At the 1.000 meter distance, the 4,5 heavy truck reached an average speed of 169,09 km / h and dropped the track from standstill in 21,29 seconds. Over 500 Meter impressed the "The Iron Knight" with an average speed of 131,29 km / h and 13,71 seconds, also with a start from a standstill. The new world record holder brings 2.400 PS on the road, reaching a record speed of 276 km /H.

Specially designed high-tech tires from Goodyear help "The Iron Knight" to set new speed records over 500 meters and 1.000 meters.
Specially designed high-tech tires from Goodyear help "The Iron Knight" to set new speed records over 500 meters and 1.000 meters.

"Only a high-tech product in this extreme power and torque range can reliably ensure that an 4,5 ton truck has optimum grip on the road at almost 280 km / h", comments Christian Fischer, Director Marketing Commercial Tires DA-CH at Goodyear. The truck tires developed especially for "The Iron Knight" are a result of the continuous cooperation and strong partnership of Goodyear with the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer Volvo Trucks, continues Fischer. "Setting new world records with our tires further underscores our technological leadership in this area. Our standard truck tires are also extremely powerful, helping our customers reduce their total cost of ownership. "

The front axle tires of "The Iron Knight" have the size 315 / 70R22.5 and are based on the truck racing tires from Goodyear, which all vehicles use at the FIA ​​(Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) European Truck Racing Championship. The rear tires of the rear-wheel drive truck and the new world record holder are size 495 / 45R22.5 and reliably transmit the extremely high torque that the truck develops during acceleration. Both tire types are built on common Goodyear commercial vehicle casings and have specially developed tread compounds and profiles. The writing “The Iron Knight” clearly adorns the sidewall of the record tire.

The truck was driven by race legend Boije Ovebrink on a test track in northern Sweden. Ovebrink has more than 30 years of racing experience with both cars and trucks and has already broken five speed records. At the moment, the youngest world records of the record hunter are being tested by the international motorsport federation FIA.

Tire specialist Goodyear and Volvo Trucks can also look back on a successful history in terms of speed records. So Boije Ovebrink already drove 2012 on specially developed commercial vehicle tires from Goodyear the truck "The Mean Green"To the world's fastest hybrid truck and set two new world records.

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