New S-Class as a T-model

In the rest of the world are Pampers-Bomber, Estates, Avants, T-model and whatever the practical combination versions are called, not as popular as ours.

A combination is always the more practical option. Presumably because pragmatism is not sexy and we Germans are known anyway as pragmatists, that's why station wagons are only popular with us. Mercedes had with the T-model of the W123 the first resounding T-model station wagon success and I think of the W124, then the wagon version was not only the more practical version, but also a particularly elegant form variant.

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S-Class Estate - Why not?

Only in the S-Class, Mercedes has not been able to penetrate to a station wagon (T-model). But why not? If I look at the photos of Theophil Ushin look, then a W222 (V222, or an S222) station wagon -pardon - an S222 an extremely elegant appearance.

Finally, you could drive together with his friends in the golf club and next to the four golf bags even the dog would find room in the trunk.

How do you like the W222 T? (S222)

Definitely prettier than this Tuning accident of the new S-Class ... [click] ..

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