New S-Class S 300 Bluetec Hybrid

500 Nm already at 1.600 revolutions, 240 km / h top speed and still efficiency class A +. Mercedes-Benz shows with the new S-Class what is feasible, if you put a thrifty small diesel engine and an electric motor together in the luxurious new S-Class.

Stingy Schwabe - the S 300 Bluetec Hybrid in the driving report

Mercedes indicates a combined consumption of 4.4 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, which is, however, much more impressive, especially since it is different from the consumption to be experienced immediately, the silence when driving off. Now is the new one S-Class also called 500 not loud, but no matter how well an engine is insulated - there is always noise and minimal vibration. It is different when starting with an electric motor.

It doesn't take long, however, and then the 2.1-liter four-cylinder diesel rushes to the aid of the 20 kW electric motor. Even if the electric motor can shine with 250 Nm of power from the spot, as soon as the driver increases the desire for acceleration, uphill or the energy storage comes to an end - the well-known 204 PS diesel engine is used.

The new S-Class. Press Drive, Canada 2013, The new S-Class. Press Driving Presentation in Canada, 2013

What is fascinating about the entire package is primarily not the smoothness with which a four-cylinder diesel now also shines in the S-Class, it is this seamless collaboration between the two principles. Diesel on, diesel off, sailing, powerful pushing, recuperation, gliding with the electric motor - all these individual functions go hand in hand almost unnoticed by the driver. And all you have to do, as before, is give the car the commands you think are necessary using the accelerator and brakes.

S 300 bluetec hybrid energy flow

As a driver, you hardly notice anything of the whole technical sophistication under the sheet metal, for sure - if the S-Class starts in electric mode, or if you maneuver in a parking lot purely electrically, then you can't avoid yourself from time to time wonder how quietly it all happens. But as soon as you're on the move, the noise from the road has gained the upper hand, you don't hear anything from the engine in the V8 version of the S-Class either. The hybrid does not differ from its big brother here. You can only tell whether the 500 Nm diesel is currently running from the display on the display at travel speed.

S 300 bluetec traveling trip

7.4 km / h is possible in 100 seconds - but the great attraction of the S 300 Bluetec Hybrid is the balancing act on the accelerator pedal. As soon as you drive a hybrid, your inner ambition awakens to minimize consumption by as much electric driving as possible.

On my test lap in Canada it was 4.4 liters (average) on a 25-kilometer test lap on country roads, highway and a small town drive. Since the day was extremely sunny and hot, the ambition was limited and unlike the journalist who drove the day before in rain and cloudy skies without air conditioning - the air conditioning was working hard on my lap. Plus the seat ventilation (excellent cooling!). The radio and the massage function of the seats - without these additional consumers, the colleague had cut out 3.5 liters the day before.

In everyday life, consumption figures are likely to be around the 6 liters, even if the 1.6 liter is above the standard consumption value of 4.4 liters, which is more than impressive.

And yet - there is also a defect in the S 300 Bluetec Hybrid: Currently there is the new "Magic Body Control”Undercarriage not for this engine. Even if the Airmatic works perfectly, this new “seeing chassis” is simply awesome.

At present, the S 300 Bluetec Hybrid, which shines with its 4.4 liters in standard consumption and offers an A + rating in the efficiency class, is not yet available Configurator for new cars listed. Its bigger brother, the S 400 Hybrid, which combines the electric motor with an 306 PS V6 gasoline engine, stands for 85.204 € in the price list.

S 500 Plugin Hybrid under 3 liter

I am particularly excited about the S 500 Plug In Hybrid, which will celebrate its premiere at the IAA 2013. Unlike its S 500 namesake, the S 500 Plugin Hybrid will not have a V8 petrol engine, but a V6 petrol engine that is combined with a powerful electric motor (~ 72PS) and, thanks to larger batteries, will be purely electric for much longer (~ 30 kilometers). In the NEDC consumption mode, this will be the first luxury sedan with a 3 in front of the decimal point. Beautiful new world!

S 500 plugin hybrid charging station




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