What does a car driver's license cost?

That costs you the car driver's license

The driver's license has become an expensive affair. Most learner drivers save years in advance in order to register for a car driver's license. However, the prices vary greatly, depending on which state you are in. In addition, the number of your driving hours, the number of your exams and the necessary aids determine the price. Below is a brief summary.

What costs should you expect?

Reality and experience show that it is no longer feasible to obtain a driver's license with just a few hours' drive and therefore little money. A class B driving license will cost you at least 1.500 euros today. However, you should note that unexpected costs can quickly arise. Therefore, a calculation with a budget of 2.000 euros is recommended, so that in case of doubt you can pay for all additional costs. In fact, the federal state also decides how much money you should allow for your car driver's license. In Bavaria, for example, you should calculate a budget of 2.200 euros, while in Brandenburg you can get your driving license for just 1.200 euros. Unfortunately, it is also not possible for you to get your driver's license in another state, since the principle applies that it must be completed at the driver's place of residence.

How are these costs distributed?

Overall, it can be said that you have to pay most of the costs for your practice trips. On average, your driving hours account for up to 1.500 euros of your total costs. However, it should be noted that this value can increase significantly if you need more practice hours or take up more than the average. The total costs are also spread across a variety of other items. The teaching material weighs an average of 50 euros and the compulsory first aid course with eye test is around 60 euros. You must also note that your driver's license must be applied for at your responsible office and a corresponding passport photo must be taken. If you are looking for a driver's license at the age of 17, there are additional costs incurred for the appointment of accompanying persons. These are around 20 euros per person. In addition, examination and driving school fees amounting to around 600 euros are relevant for you.

What are the costs for driving lessons?

With regard to the costs incurred for an hour of driving, fluctuations can also be identified, which can be attributed to different driving schools and regions. As a rule, a driving hour with a usual duration of 45 minutes costs around 20 to 45 euros. For the special journeys, which are mandatory for you as a learner driver, around 50 to 60 euros per hour are incurred. These mandatory hours include night, overland and motorway trips. In Germany it is a legal requirement that you have to complete a total of three night trips, five overland trips and four freeway trips to receive your car license. In view of the costs involved, it is important for you to know that most learner drivers do not need more special trips than prescribed. There is no standard value for the usual driving hours. The number depends on the learner and his competence. On average, there are about 12 to 20 hours of driving.

What fees do you have to pay attention to?

In addition to the fees mentioned above for applying for your car driver's license in the amount of around 40 euros, you should note in your calculation that the driving school itself also charges a fee. It should be borne in mind that this fee is different for each driving school. As a rule, this fee includes the registration, the administrative effort and the 14 theory lessons that are prescribed. For this effort, the driving school usually charges you between 200 and 400 euros. A comparison of different driving schools in your neighborhood is therefore recommended. Finally, there are also costs for the exam in the theoretical and practical part of your car driver's license. These costs are collected by the TÜV or DEKRA and usually together amount to a value of around 110 euros.

Are there ways to save?

Basically, it is hardly possible for you to save anything with most cost items. Exam and application fees must be paid as well as the first aid course and the eye test. You can only save on the learning material if you can use the material of friends or acquaintances. With regard to the number of driving hours, it can be saved that you often complete a training session at a traffic training area. You can also save money by purchasing multiple licenses at the same time.

What should you watch out for if you fail the exam?

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not pass the theoretical or practical exam right away, you have as many attempts as you can to make it. However, you should bear in mind that fees will be charged again in full for each further examination. Furthermore, you will normally have to take and pay practice hours again after failing the practical driver's license test. It is recommended that you inform yourself about the respective driving school before registering. Some companies collect increased contributions for driving lessons after a failed practical test.