What does the Fiat logo mean?

Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torinio (Fiat) is an Italian automobile brand founded in 1899. Today it is one of the largest automakers in the world with a long history. This story is closely linked to the design of the logo, which has already been changed several times. That the logos have already been further developed several times can be explained by this story, because Fiat is one of the oldest car brands. So far there have been over a dozen different logos that are sometimes more, sometimes less similar.

The first logo contained the fully written brand name Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torinio on a golden, rectangular background. From the next logo on, only the Fiat abbreviation could be seen on it, which has since been retained on all subsequent logos. The following logos were often based on their predecessors and showed slight modifications. The shape of the background was modified from rectangular to oval, round and shield-shaped. The background color was mostly blue or red. The borders of the background went through several changes from squiggly laurel wreaths to simple frames. The color of the writing did not remain unchanged either and alternated between gold, red, white and silver.

The current Fiat logo was developed by Robilant Associati and the Fiat Design Center and launched in 2006. It is shield-shaped with the white Fiat lettering on a red background, surrounded by a silver-colored, smooth frame. What can be seen at first glance from this logo and all of its predecessors is that it belongs to the Fiat brand. When asked about the meaning of the current Fiat logo, the striking change to its predecessor can be dealt with first. The predecessor was round, had a blue background and no smooth border. This striking change to the new logo is explained by the fact that it is intended to illustrate the continuous changes and adaptation to modern times. Nowadays, technical advances are taking place at high speed, which are applied in the spirit of Fiat in the production of high quality cars. The cars should make everyday life easier and offer the user added value. The intention to use the latest technologies for the construction of the cars comes into play through the three-dimensional effect of the current logo. The new logo should look futuristic and individual and remain in the memory. It also stands for the revival of the brand, which has been profitable again since 2005 and is on the upswing.

In general, it can be said that as the cars from Fiat have evolved, the logo has also evolved. This is pointed out by the multiple logo changes.