Why the new Subaru BRZ is not coming to Europe

It has long been known that Subaru and Toyota are currently working on a new, joint sports car. A video of the Toyota 86 was already available in August, if only as an Erlkönig. However, Subaru has already published pictures of the BRZ and used them to advertise the world premiere, which should take place on November 18, 2020. Unfortunately, not everyone can be happy about the chic new sports car.

Not a global model

Usually Subaru is what you call a global player, but with the BRZ the company behaves differently than usual. The new Subaru will not be a global model, because there are, according to a company spokesman, “no plans” to offer the sporty two-door model in Europe, it remains reserved for the USA. There is now even the assumption that Toyota will behave similarly with the 86 model, this car is not offered in Europe, only in the USA. The behavior is understandable, because Nissan also wants to proceed in a similar way with the new “Z” model. Only the 176 Subaru BRZ was newly registered in Germany in 2019. For the new model, the possible adjustments, homologation and import for the European market are not worthwhile.

Subaru is silent

Subaru's new sports car will be unveiled to the public on November 18, 2020, but very little is known about the model so far. However, due to an indiscretion in the social networks, there was a first look at the prototype, which was still camouflaged. The consistent one is expected Further development of the already known design, while the front and rear areas have been revised. If the rumors are true, then he has Boxer engine a 2,4-liter vacuum cleaner with 220 hp, and there will also be a turbo version with 250 hp. That would be an increase over the other models from Subaru. The Subaru BRZ is also expected to have an automatic transmission.

RIZAL, PH - FEB 11 - Subaru brz at East Auto Moto Show on February 11, 2019 in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines.

Image source: Adobe stockphotos

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