World premiere for a little rebel


The automotive world is eagerly awaiting the latest unveilings from CUPRA, the Spanish “challenger brand”, at the Automobiles Barcelona 2023. Here the company not only shows its latest innovations, but also demonstrates its strengths Commitment for the development of electric vehicles and the love for his native city  Barcelona. announced at the opening CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths named the future urban electric vehicle: CUPRA Raval. This choice pays homage to the Raval district in the heart of Barcelona, ​​which was already highlighted in the brand's alphabet campaign with the singer ROSALÍA. Wayne Griffiths proudly stated: “Raval is one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in Barcelona. We are proud that our future urban electric car bears his name and embodies his spirit. Similar to the CUPRA Born “We want to express the essence of Raval and continue to inspire the world from Barcelona.”

Berlin experiences the Raval Spirit:

CUPRA will work together with the brand Ambassador and actor Daniel bruhl bringing the spirit of his “Bar Raval” to Berlin. The future CUPRA City Garage, which will open later this year in the German capital, aims to capture the atmosphere of Raval. In addition to this exciting announcement SEAT SA, the parent company of CUPRA, announced that the company achieved the best results in its history for the first quarter of 2023. With a record operating profit of 144 million euros and a Turnover of 3,6 billion euros, this is mainly thanks to the Challenger brand CUPRA.

Successes and visions:

Since the launch of the CUPRA brand in 2018, over 300.000 vehicles have already been sold, exceeding all expectations. Last year CUPRA had a turnover of 4,4 billion euros, which is 40 percent of the total turnover of the Company matters. This makes the brand one of the fastest growing in Europe. The figures for the current year are also extremely positive: in the first quarter of 2023, 46.600 CUPRA Vehicles sold, an increase of 83 percent compared to same period last year requirements.

The vehicle of the new generation:

Wayne Griffiths stressed that the CUPRA Raval is more than just another vehicle. It is one Einladung to a new generation that expects greater things. The urban, rebellious and 100 percent electric car is an independent model with its own character. It is connected to and awakens “Gen Z”. emotions. The CUPRA Raval is the most radical Interpretation of the CUPRA, an urban electric car inspired by the world of racing is inspired.

Product and future visions:

The CUPRA Raval will be held on Headquarters produced by SEAT SA in Martorell. The company is investing three billion euros in converting the plant from the Production from Internal combustion engines on electric vehicles. From 2025, electric vehicles based on the MEB Small platform of the Volkswagen group are manufactured. This means that SEAT SA will be active in the field of small electric vehicles for various brands of the Volkswagen- Group leader.

More than just a name:

The connection between CUPRA and Barcelona goes beyond just naming models by neighborhood. This is particularly true of the CUPRA Raval's relationship with catalan Metropolis. Wayne Griffiths explains: “CUPRA wants to be a driving force for change in this area. For this reason, we are already in discussions with institutions and organizations in Raval to promote actions that boys Help people."

Dreams come true:

CUPRA is also presenting the CUPRA for the first time at Automobile Barcelona Tavascan, the brand's first all-electric SUV. His world Premiere celebrated the model a few weeks ago in Berlin. Wayne Griffiths describes the CUPRA Tavascan as the realization of a dream that began four years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show and has now finally been unveiled. The CUPRA Tavascan is a new hero for a new era, dreamed up, designed and engineered in Barcelona.
Design wise CUPRA is also raising the bar with the CUPRA DarkRebel, a digital show car unveiled to visitors to Automobile Barcelona. Jorge Díez, Chief Design Officer at CUPRA, describes the DarkRebel as the ultimate interpretation of CUPRA design for the future. With that I want that Company show that electric cars of the future are both sexy and provocative could be.

And finally ...

At Automobile Barcelona 2023, CUPRA once again proved that it is one of the pioneers of sexy electric mobility. With the upcoming CUPRA Raval and the CUPRA Tavascan the company presents exciting new models that embody the spirit of the city of Barcelona. With its commitment to transforming neighborhoods and creating unique electric vehicles, CUPRA is setting new standards and inspiring a new generation of drivers. The future of e-mobility looks brighter than ever thanks to CUPRA.
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