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World premiere for the Cupra Tavascan


The Tavascan is another extravagantly styled electric model from the Spanish brand Cupra.

In contrast to the Born, which is on the VW ID.3 based, the Tavascan is the sports Brother of the ID.5. As with everyone electrical vehicles In the Volkswagen Group, the modular electric drive system (MEB) forms the basis for the Tavascan. This revolutionary car is a masterpiece of Technology and a proof for Cupras Commitment to a sustainable future.

The first all-electric SUV coupe from Cupra celebrated his world Premiere in Berlin as part of this year's Formula E Grand Prix. And impressed with many details that were already presented in the 2019 concept study at the IAA in Frankfurt. The muscular Rear, the illuminated Cupra logo and the matrix LED headlights in a triangular design are particularly striking and, with a little imagination, are reminiscent of the front optics of Lamborghini. There are numerous copper-colored accents in the interior that reflect the Cupra brand coloring. The rims are also kept in this color.

To the upcoming market entry in the coming year, two service levels will be available to the customer. The basic version, which is similar to the new ID.7, has a Electric motor with an output of 210 kW/286 hp on the rear axle. The more powerful VZ variant, on the other hand, offers an electric motor on the front axle with 80 kW/108 hp and another on the rear axle with 210 kW/285 hp, which results in a total output of 250 kW/340 hp - and thus functions as an all-wheel drive. The single-speed gearbox with differential controls the power output. The lithium-ion battery has a net capacity of 77 kWh, giving a range of around 550 km for the rear-wheel drive version Kilometers allows. The VZ with all-wheel drive creates about 520 kilometers. Torque is distributed to all four wheels, driving behavior, safety and acceleration are improved. The Tavascan VZ accelerates to 5,6 km/h in 100 seconds.

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