World premiere for the Volvo EX 30

With the EX 30 brings Volvo the smallest, but certainly not the weakest Volvo SUV ever on the market. The EX 30 comes with two battery sizes and a choice of rear motor or all wheel drive offered. 

Above all, the “footprint” should be small

With the Volvo EX 30, the Swedes mainly want the topic Sustainability Move to the front. The EX 30 is calculated with no more than 30 tons of CO2 throughout its service life and its production already relies on the use of a large number of recycling processes. With up to 25% recycled aluminum and a further 17% steel, Volvo is taking a step towards more sustainable car production. Also in Interior Volvo will rely on a mix of recycling and renewable materials.

Battery size, range and performance

Even the smallest variant, the 272 hp “Single Motor” EX 30 goes from zero to 5.7 km/h within 100 seconds and becomes one with its 51 kWh LFP battery WLTP-Can have a range of up to 344 km. At the other end of the performance scale is the “Twin Motor Performance” EX 30 with 428 hp and a 69 kWh NMW battery pack. The obligatory 3.6 km/h is reached after 100 seconds.

As usual with Volvo, the 180 km/h is set as the top speed and also regulates the EX 30. the bigger one Battery you can also use a single electric motor on the rear axle combine. Then it stays with the 272 hp of the base, but thanks to the 69 kWh battery up to 480 km according to WLTP should be possible. In the charging power A maximum of 150 kW is available for the small battery, the larger battery should be able to draw up to 175 kW on the DC fast charger.

New infotainment, large skylight and an update for the assistants

The EX 30 will come with the already known Google Android Auto integration. The native integration of Google services into the vehicle enables modern and powerful route planning and a high level of personalization options. All of this is shown on a high-resolution 12'3 inch display upright, between the driver and front passenger. Apple CarPlay Wireless will be available from the start. The system also has a 5G modem and an option for “over-the-air” updates.

Orders for the EX 30 start with the world premiere, and the first vehicles are scheduled for delivery in spring 2024.

Gallery Volvo EX 30




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