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ID.3 - Not brand new, but really refreshed!


The freshly lifted VW ID.3 starts in March for just under 40.000 euros.

The facelifted VW ID.39.995 can be ordered from the end of March at prices starting at 3 euros. In the basic variant, the compact electric sedan has a 58 kWh battery, which should enable a range of 429 kilometers. The equipment includes a 12-inch display and a multifunction steering wheel.

A 77 kWh battery is available as an alternative to the middle battery; The manufacturer does not name prices for the 150 kW/204 hp variant with a range of up to 558 kilometers. A version with a smaller battery – probably the 45 kWh storage that has been offered in the meantime – is to follow. Then the prices should start just above 30.000 euros.

VW lifted the ID.3 less than three years after its debut and, in particular, revamped the interior, which was often criticized as too simple. The prices for the revised model have increased compared to autumn 2022, but are below those that VW is currently calling for the basic ID.3 with 58 kWh.

Dirk Black / SP-X

The ID.3 could VWs big Hopes on an electric bestseller so far not justify. A Lifting should now boost demand – albeit at a high price.

With an extensive facelift, VW now wants to put the ID.3 on the road to success after all. On the outside, it is mainly the details that have changed, with the zum launch much criticized about three years ago inner space.

Inside the compact electric sedan was previously harder, less handsome Acrylic before. Among other things, the door panels are now upholstered, design seams also ensure a nicer look on the seats, the center console now houses an inductive charger for the smartphone as standard and the touchscreen is one size bigger. In addition, it now runs a revised version of the infotainment software.

The interior should look more valuable

The operating concept of the multifunction steering wheel: They still use imprecise capacitive touchpads instead of physical buttons. Little changes on the outside, among other things, the black decorative panel disappears below the Windshield.

As usual, buyers have the Choice between a large and a medium battery, a small one Variant should come shortly. The electric motor has an output of 150 kW/204 hp and the range is up to 546 kilometers.

So far, the compact electric vehicle has clearly fallen short of expectations

The prices go up with that Facelift clearly: In connection with the middle battery at least 44.000 euros are due - almost 5.000 euros more than before. The new one expected for spring basic variant with a small battery should be just under 40.000 euros.

Holger Holzer / SP-X

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