I buy my new Volkswagen online because ..

I buy my new Volkswagen online because ...

there are simply the best prices online.

You know the problem: you already have your dream car in mind and know exactly what to expect and what it should look like. But it is simply not available at the dealer around the corner or only at a utopian price. Perhaps you don't have a specialist VW dealer nearby, but you would like comprehensive and competent advice that you can only get from a specialist. Search online for your new VW and find the perfect car at a dealer that may be in another corner of Germany. So what? When you pick up your new VW, you can take a nice jaunt on the way back. It has to be retracted anyway!

But of course there are other ways in which you can get your new Volkswagen that you bought from a dealer in the distance. It may even be delivered to your home or parked at an agreed meeting point (e.g. at a SIXT branch). This is the same when you buy from a local dealer and generates the same costs.

Did you know that the price of your new Volkswagen often depends on the region in which it is sold? Volkswagen are of course also sold in structurally weaker areas, but a lower price is often called for here. Try it too and take a test!

I buy my new Volkswagen online because ...

I have access to the offers of countless retailers online.

Even if you search for your new Volkswagen online and then find it, you are of course not doing business with the “network” or an anonymous provider. Of course, the good offers are always backed by normal car dealers who have simply expanded their offerings online. You can offer better prices because online purchases usually require less advice and fewer test drives are carried out. This is of course reflected in the price, which can be significantly lower than the list price. It is also worth looking carefully at special equipment and other extra services, because these are often cheaper online.

The best thing is: you have a huge selection online that simply cannot be topped on site. Even if Volkswagen is one of the best and most popular brands in Germany, a dealer never has all offers. You get a comprehensive overview of all options online.

I buy my new Volkswagen online because ...

that is legally the safest option.

You make a contract with the retailer, but the platform on which you found yourself is also in between. It does not act as a contractual partner for you as a buyer, but has the greatest interest in ensuring that everything works correctly. After all, their own reputation is also at stake. In this respect, you can rely on safe and trustworthy processing.