I buy my new Audi online because ...

Buy the new Audi online

I buy my new Audi online because there are simply the best deals online. This is a common belief. But will the new Audi really be cheaper? And what are the advantages of buying my new vehicle online?

Find new cars on the Internet

The largest selection

You can find the largest and best selection online. Because when you visit the dealership, it can unfortunately happen that the exact Audi you were looking for is not available. Since every dealership only has certain capacities, it is not even possible for the dealership to come even close to the diversity on the Internet. If, on the other hand, you would like to purchase your new Audi on the Internet, the entire range of the Audi brand is available to you.

The Audi is a lot cheaper!

It is not just a common belief that cars are cheaper to buy online. The ADAC even conducted a study on this, which revealed that the purchase price of the new car on the Internet is usually actually lower than the price in the dealership. On average, you can save about five percent when buying online. And with a high-quality or high-class vehicle like a new Audi, the vehicle is already a lot cheaper.

Effective price comparison

Another advantage of buying online is the price comparison. Because thanks to the numerous offers, you can first compare the different providers and their prices in peace. There are many price comparison sites available for this. So you can easily find the best deal online.

Order comfortably from the sofa

Another advantage of buying on the Internet is that you can buy the Audi online at any time. You can then look around for the right car if you really have time. So you are not bound to the opening times of the car dealerships and can therefore search for the perfect car from your own sofa.
Buying a car from your living room is not only much more comfortable and relaxed, you also save yourself the potentially long journey to a car dealership.

Right of withdrawal

The key word for the right of withdrawal is the Distance Selling Act. The Distance Selling Act means for every customer a fortnightly right of withdrawal. If you were to buy your new Audi in a car dealership, you would not be able to fall back on this law because it only applies online.


If you don't put a lot of emphasis on a test drive and you know exactly which Audi you want to buy in advance, then it definitely makes sense to buy the new Audi online. Because you can find the greatest variety and the best offers on the Internet. If necessary, you can even use the right of withdrawal, which is only possible through online purchase.