Environmental bonus for old diesel cars

The so-called diesel premium means that many manufacturers get old cars off the streets. The government is primarily concerned with the prevention of driving bans in German cities. Although some offers that existed as part of the environmental bonus for the old diesel car have now expired, numerous automobile manufacturers still offer corresponding programs when changing to a new vehicle. We will therefore answer all your questions about the diesel premium. We also present current offers from the most important manufacturers.

Environmental bonus for old diesel cars

The grand coalition issued an extensive package of measures in October 2018, which also included the so-called diesel premium. The federal government wanted to get old vehicles off the streets. By buying new cars, for example with an electric drive, the exhaust emissions should be reduced. However, whether one of the exchange offers was to be taken up depended on circumstances such as the place of residence of the buyer.

The federal government listed 14 cities that were considered particularly polluted. There consumers could benefit from the purchase of a new vehicle as part of the environmental bonus for old diesel cars. Backnang, Bochum, Darmstadt and Düren were among the cities at that time. Düsseldorf, Heilbronn and Kiel were also included in the list.

The federal government also named metropolises such as Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. The fact that the official guide value of 40 micrograms of NOx / km is also exceeded in other places of residence did not matter for the listing. Finally, the government assumed that voluntary measures such as software updates would be sufficient in these regions to reduce the pollution caused by fine dust.

Consequences of the measure

To replace old diesel vehicles of the Euro 1 to Euro 4 standard, various manufacturers continued to offer diesel premiums that were valid in many areas of Germany. Shortly after the announcement of the so-called diesel program, manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler and Renault presented their offers. There were discounts between 2.000 and 10.000 euros. Numerous other car manufacturers followed suit with similar offers.

Unfortunately, the diesel premium did not have a sufficient impact on the high levels of particulate matter in German cities. Many experts come to this conclusion. An internal paper from the Federal Environment Agency comes to the same conclusion. An environmental premium for old diesel cars would reduce nitrogen oxide pollution by less than one microgram per cubic meter of air, according to an official paper by the authority.

There are a few hurdles to the rewards. For example, owners of old diesel vehicles with emissions standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 must prove to the local dealer that they can take advantage of the campaign. Such a claim exists, for example, if the buyers live or work in a city named by the federal government. If the diesel premium applies, there is the official residual value of the car as well as the premium of the manufacturer, which it spends on the purchase of a new Euro 6 vehicle.

Diesel premium for 2020?

Some programs from manufacturers have now expired. Other producers extended their discount campaigns so that there are still such offers as part of the environmental bonus for old diesel cars. For example, the manufacturer Nissan is currently offering a climate bonus under the title “Nissan Deal”. There is a discount of up to 5.000 euros if consumers swap their old diesel for an X-Trail from the manufacturer.

Similar offers for the exchange of old diesel cars of the Euro 1 to Euro 5 standard are available from other manufacturers. Usually certain conditions apply. In the case of Nissan's offer, the old diesel must be approved for at least six months. In practice, customers have to meet some requirements to benefit from the bonus.

Not all models are approved. Whether the environmental bonus for the old diesel car actually exists depends on other circumstances such as where you live. The manufacturers also set individual conditions for their premiums. Therefore, pay attention to the small print. It is also advisable to compare the offers for 2020 exactly.