Genesis GV60 - E-Crossover with face control

Shortly after the start of Germany, the Korean premium brand announced a new one E-car at. Under the sleek sheet metal, however, the crossover already looks familiar.  

genesis Speeding up: After the Korean premium brand, which was founded in 2015, last expanded its conventional model range, the first all-electric model is now on the horizon. The mid-range crossover GV60 uses the technology of the group brothers Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, garnishing them with new high-tech features and a decidedly dynamic design. The market launch could take place at the end of the year, the prices should start above 50.000 euros.  


Visually, the 4,51 meter long GV60 with its sweeping lines is particularly different from the rather angular Ioniq 5. The distinctive feature of the brand is the split lights in the closed front. The radiator grille for the battery ventilation moves far towards the road. In the profile, the plastic planks on the wheel arches and the steeply sloping roof stand out. At the rear there are two-part taillights and a small spoiler on the lower edge of the window.  

Automatically saved design
The electric crossover starts at the end of the year

The eye-catcher in the interior is a crystal ball in the center console. When the vehicle is started, its underside turns upwards, releasing the control buttons for the automatic system. This should look high-quality and at the same time serve as safety, because the driver can see at a glance whether the drive is already activated. Like unlocking a cell phone, it starts with a fingerprint, and the doors open with facial recognition. There is a small camera in the B-pillar for this purpose. The video sensors can also be found in the digital exterior mirrors, from where they transmit their images to the cockpit.  

Is the GV60 similar to the Ioniq 5?

Information on the drive is currently only available for the Korean model, but the European variant is likely to differ only slightly. The basic model with rear-wheel drive has a 168 kW / 228 PS electric motor, while the all-wheel drive has two engines with a total of 234 kW / 318 PS. They are known in a similar form from the Ioniq 5. There is also a performance variant with 320 kW / 435 PS and a boost output of 360 kW / 489 PS. The permanently synchronous machines draw their energy from an 800-volt battery with a capacity of 77,4 kWh. The manufacturer specifies a maximum range of 451 kilometers according to the Korean standard, and the highest possible charging power should be 350 kW.  

Genesis GV60 - E-Crossover with face control
Visually, the 4,51 meter long GV60 with its sweeping lines is particularly different from the rather angular Ioniq 5.

In terms of price, the Genesis should position itself above its two more middle-class relatives, which in the best case can be had from around 42.000 euros. When it is launched, the crossover is expected to be accompanied by another e-model from the brand: the Electrified G80 sedan, a battery-operated variant of the four-door business model G80. 

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