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Powerful leisure companions: 5 vehicles with 3,5 tons of trailer load

You can hook up to 3,5 tonnes with a class BE driving license. But there aren't that many cars that can handle this trailer load.

Anyone who regularly wants to move heavy horse trailers, caravans or boat trailers needs a car that can take a lot of weight on the hook. And best of all, thanks to all-wheel drive, digs through the mud at the horse-riding tournament or campsite access or the lakeshore. Five examples of powerful leisure companions.

The Ford Ranger XL At 34.500 euros, it is one of the cheapest draft horses that can hook 3,5 tonnes. The necessary power comes from the 2,0-liter diesel with 125 kW / 170 hp, which drives all four wheels. For the price, however, the pick-up is only equipped with a few accessories such as an audio system and air conditioning, and it is also designed as a two-seater with a single cabin.

The also serves as an inexpensive packhorse pickup toyota hilux, in which at least four people can ride. For at least 37.600 euros it is powered by the 2,4-liter diesel with 110 kW / 150 PS, in combination with all-wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission. Automatic air conditioning, heated seats in the front, cruise control and audio system with hands-free facility and connectivity are standard on board.

The combines SUV comfort and traction Ssangyong rexton, which is available as an all-wheel drive version with automatic for 42.783 euros. In the second level of equipment there are already a few extras on board, including a navigation system with connectivity, automatic air conditioning, reversing camera and 17-inch alloy wheels. The 2,2-liter diesel has an output of 133 kW / 181 hp.

The offers more performance Land Rover Discovery with 177 kW / 240 diesel PS, all-wheel drive and automatic (from 58.000 euros). Audio system with connectivity, air conditioning and reversing camera are always included, as are terrain-specific functions, for example four driving modes, mechanical differential lock and roll control.


In terms of price, the one available from 59.910 euros plays in the same league VW Touareg, then all-wheel drive by a diesel V6 with 170 kW / 231 hp and also equipped with an automatic transmission. Extras such as a navigation system, air conditioning, heated seats and LED headlights are standard.


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