Safe child seats in the car - you have to pay attention to that

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Safe child seats in the car - you have to pay attention to that

If you regularly use the car and have a child with you, then you need a child seat. Many inexperienced parents are unsure when it comes to “child seats in the car - you have to pay attention to that”. This applies both to the important criteria before or during a purchase, as well as to the correct use of the seat. You will find everything you need to know here so that your offspring will continue to be safe on the roads in future.

Orientate to tests and test reports before buying

If you do not even know which model to choose, then you should consult the tests of the professionals. Search the Internet for reviews from platforms, blogs and private users and compare the results. Otherwise, car clubs and of course popular test magazines are the first point of contact to compare models and brands with one another. In general, cheap doesn't always have to be bad and expensive doesn't always have to be good. Therefore, pay attention to a balance between price and performance. Because the answer to the question “Child seats in the car - you have to pay attention” is not only determined by safety and comfort, but also by a good price.

Seating direction is crucial

Before buying a seat, you should be aware that the direction of the seat plays an important role in terms of safety and child seat. As a rule, children up to the age of three to a maximum of four years sit with their backs forward. The seat shell or seat for small children should therefore be positioned or stowed in such a way that your little passenger sits or lies comfortably backwards. This is where the child's neck is best protected when driving smoothly as well as in the event of emergency braking or an accident. If children are older than four years, seats that can be adjusted to the front are preferred. Either you buy two different models - depending on the age of the child - or you can choose a model that can be adjusted as required.

Used and new child seats can be safe

In principle, there is no reason not to buy a used seat for your child. At this point, you can effectively save money without sacrificing security or comfort. So that there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to hygiene, it should be a seat in which the seat cover can be removed and washed at the highest possible temperature. You can then use the seat with a good feeling. Of course, it is also important for seats, which you may receive from good acquaintances, friends or within the family, that the model meets all safety requirements. You can often find tests even on older models on the Internet or in corresponding car magazines. If you come to a positive result here, used child seats are in no way inferior to the new models.

Useful with or without back support

In the trade there are both child seats with a separate back support, as well as such models without a back support. Such support is not mandatory, especially for children over the age of four to five years. However, it is much more convenient, especially for larger children, if the support on the back and neck matches the seat cushion. In addition, the head is supported on the side so that children can also sleep more comfortably in the car.

The belt must fit properly

Many parents believe that it is enough if they provide a high-quality child seat and buckle up the children while driving. However, it is also important that the belt is attached correctly and the child is at an optimal height. Because the belt runs close to the neck when the seat cushion is too low, children tend to wear the belt below the arm.

But that's not a good idea! If there is an accident, the mechanism that ensures that the belt brakes is not activated. In addition, a belt with sharp edges can cut into the child's chest area and abdomen if there is an abrupt braking or an impact after an accident. It is therefore important that the child seat is high enough that the belt is automatically positioned in the right place - i.e. at the height of the shoulders. If the belt runs along the neck, a pad can be attached here or the belt can be adjusted, if the model allows it.

Buying a child seat: plan time and compare exactly

Before you decide on a new child seat, you should try out the models in question in your car. When you have done that, ask your child to sit on the seat for a trial. Then check whether the child is sitting comfortably and safely. Only when everyone involved is satisfied should you decide for or against a particular seat.

When testing, make sure that the belt runs at the correct height and that the child seat is firmly and straight on the normal car seat. Also important: The child's head should be supported. The more comfortable the seat feels for your child, the more likely the child will use it. Therefore, ask the child specifically if they also appreciate the design and the comfort. If the child has a say in the purchase, the purchase of the new seat will be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Child's age is crucial

The topic “Child seats in the car - you have to pay attention to this” is particularly relevant for parents of children up to the age of 12 years. In Germany, it is mandatory to use a child seat if the child has not yet reached the age of 12 or is smaller than 150 centimeters. It doesn't depend on the route, the length of the journey or any other eventuality, because the child seat is always required. According to the StVO, children from the age of 12 can drive without a child seat, but you should decide individually whether you really want to do without one. Some children still find the seat comfortable beyond this age and are therefore happy to continue using it.

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