The black box is coming from 2024!

Mandatory Event Data Recorders (EDR) in New Cars: A Closer Look

Based on security practices in the Aviation are Germany from July 7, 2024 Event Data Recorders (EDRs), also known as "Black Box", mandatory in all newly registered vehicles. Similar to black boxes on airplanes, EDRs automatically draw data before and after you Accident and store them to provide valuable insight into what happened before the incident. This blog article explores the key aspects of EDRs and what they mean to online car buyers.

1. What is an Event Data Recorder (EDR)?

EDR's are devices that continuously record and overwrite data until an event, such as an accident, stops recording. The recording window spans five seconds before and 300 milliseconds after Crash.

2. Functions of the EDR:

In most cases, the EDR is located in the airbag control unit, as this is where the information from the acceleration sensors converges. The following data is recorded:
- speed
– engine speed
– steering angle
– Location
– Airbag deployment

3. Privacy and access to EDR data:

Those stored in the EDR data are fundamentally protected against access by others. However, the values ​​can be changed using the appropriate tools via the OBDinterface or the airbag control unit can be read out. In terms of data protection law, the sovereignty over the data from the EDR lies with the driver or owner of the vehicle. However, as part of civil or criminal proceedings, a court or the public prosecutor's office can commission an expert to read the data from the EDR. It is important to note that the EDR data cannot be used as the sole source for the accident reconstruction should be used, but as an additional element alongside the traces at the scene of the accident and the damage to the vehicles involved. The EDR only stores data about your own vehicle and no information about other road users. Video recordings are also not possible.

And finally ...

The introduction of the EDRs in new vehicles from July 7, 2024 will bring additional security features for car owners. These devices record important data before and after an accident to provide a better understanding of the accident the accident to allow. In accident reconstruction, the EDR data serves as a supplement to the physical traces at the accident site and the vehicle damage. It is important for online car buyers to learn about the existence and capabilities of EDR to better take advantage of this technology.

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