The Genesis G80 electrified is coming - the price is fixed!

Electric sedans are still rather rare, and widespread electrification is taking place in the crossover segment. But with the Mercedes EQE, the Stuttgart car manufacturer has now also given the go-ahead for electric business class limousines and a special answer comes from Korea. The Genesis G80 electrified. Its starting price will be 69.200 euros, with 800-volt technology.

So far the market has been electrified sedans especially in the hands of market founders Tesla, on the horizon Lucid, Nio and various other Chinese are getting ready. The Hyundai Group is now entering the European market with its premium brand. No other market offers so much potential for much discussed Premium brands.

Perfect electric sedan - The Genesis G80 electrified is coming - the price is fixed!

87,2 kWh battery, over 500 km range

The Hyundai/Kia Group has a platform purely for EV vehicles that has already arrived very successfully on the market. This has, as otherwise only at Porsche and Audi, has an 800 volt architecture and impresses with charging capacities of up to 350 kW. The higher the charging power, the smaller the breaks away from the city traffic. The Hyundai Ioniq5, the Kia EV6 and soon also the Gensis GV60 are representatives of this high-performance E-GMP platform - but have so far been limited to a crossover segment.

With the G80, the Korean premium manufacturer has an impressive premium sedan with a world-class design from the hand of Luc donckerwolke. The electric variant of the G80 will use an electrified platform and not rely on the E-GMP platform, but Genesis will rely on the 800 volt technology and use a (current as of May 03, 22) 87,2 kWh battery. And the charging times of the group's electric flagship will also be reduced to a minimum with the 350 kW charging technology.

Perfect electric sedan - The Genesis G80 electrified is coming - the price is fixed!

G80 electrified: 800 volt technology

From 22 to 10 percent charge level in just 80 minutes. The electrified G80 thus undercuts its direct competitor Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ at 1/3 of the time. As is well known, in business life, time is money. 10 minutes less waiting at the charging station, a real bonus. The base price of the electrified Genesis G80 according to the website is 69.200 euros and is of course sold with the 5-year Genesis guarantee.

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