Are you looking for a new car but don't want to wait long?

Are you looking for a new car, but don't want to wait long? This way you avoid long delivery times.

Gone are the days when car drivers could take over their newly bought car after a few days. According to a study carried out, more than 2019 car buyers are expected to wait a long time for their new cars in 250. The long waiting times have various reasons, but with a clever statement, you can avoid the long delivery times and receive your new vehicle in the shortest possible time.

How are long delivery times when buying a new car?

The reasons for the long delivery times are different: on the one hand, they are due to the high level of interest and, on the other hand, they are due to the way in which the car manufacturers' calculations are made. Since certain spare parts only have to be ordered after purchase, the delivery times for cars with double or automatic clutch gearbox, navigation device or a special motorization are around thirteen weeks.

Which factors basically influence long delivery times?

The greatest influence is demand, which can either refer to a specific vehicle model, an equipment detail or an engine. Above-average delivery times usually have long-running favorites in the approval statistics.

In addition, if the new vehicle comes from a long way away - such as the VW Variant from Mexico, for example - the long journey alone can affect availability.

Delivery deadlines for new vehicles - how is it legally regulated?

In a new car purchase contract, a non-binding delivery period is usually agreed. Again, this does not mean that the seller can keep his customers waiting too long. At this point, however, the customer must take action if, for example, he wants to withdraw from the purchase contract.

Here is the rule: If the delivery date is exceeded by six or more weeks, the seller can request the seller in writing to deliver within the next two weeks. If the car is not delivered within these two weeks, the buyer can withdraw from the purchase contract.

This way you can avoid the long waiting time

There is a significantly shorter waiting time for cars that are in stock or from Car dealers have already been pre-ordered. There are only drawbacks in terms of equipment, because, for example, the desired paint finish or customized extras cannot be realized during this time.

You can also ask different vehicle dealers for their delivery times. If you are lucky, you will find a new car at a dealer near you that exactly matches your ideas. Excessively long delivery times can also be avoided if a vehicle is ordered with configured equipment or standard equipment.