Are you looking for cheap new cars?

Are you looking for cheap new car offers? - Why buying a car doesn't have to be expensive

When you think about buying a new car, many are scared and scared. Where should you get the money from to pay for the ultra-modern new cars full of expensive equipment? So far, the only way to save at least a little was to bargain with the dealer for hours, only to then eventually agree. If the dealer was still in a good mood when signing, you could be sure that it was still not the really best price you got. So far, however, people who cannot or do not want to negotiate have been forced to pay every price they have called, or not to buy a car. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, this situation has changed a lot. Because now there is the possibility to get really good prices without any haggling. Everything you need to know to buy really cheap is shown below.

Where can I buy a car online?

There are now a large number of providers on the Internet that specialize in the sale of cheap new cars. As a rule, these are platforms that mediate between the end customer and a traditional dealer. On these platforms you have the possibility to compare different models with each other or to filter the search according to your wishes. Then the best offers from all over Germany are clearly listed and you often have the opportunity to adapt the equipment to your wishes.

How exactly does the purchase via an online platform work?

This question can be answered relatively simply and even generally, since the large providers are almost identical in structure. The first step is logically always the search for a car that meets your own requirements and wishes. If you have already found a brand or even a certain model, you can speed up the search using the filter function. Because then you will only be shown the offers that contain exactly the right car. Otherwise, you can easily display the best offers or specific vehicle classes. The possibilities in this area are very diverse. If the dream car has now been found, select one of the offers displayed and then often have the opportunity to customize the vehicle according to your wishes. Whether color, motorization or special equipment, you can build exactly the car you want online!
With some offers it may be that adjustments are no longer possible because the vehicle is already at the dealer, or at least on the way there. The advantage of these vehicles is that they are available much more quickly than the ones that you have customized. So if you are happy with the equipment and need the vehicle quickly, these cars are the ideal choice.
Either way it follows that they request a personal offer from the dealer. This can be done either directly online or by phone. If you have any questions or special requests, a call is generally recommended.
If you have the offer then you have to check it carefully. Because small details can be overlooked quickly and the dream car is not even that perfect anymore. Therefore, pay close attention to the equipment and the total costs. When you have checked everything, the order follows. Also in the contract, you must again pay attention to the details so that there is no accidentally a deviation from the offer.
After ordering, they basically made it and can look forward to their new car. This is then either personally delivered to the dealer as usual, or can be picked up at the factory. Some providers now even deliver the car to the front door. Buying a car can no longer be more convenient.

What are the advantages of buying online?

Buying a car on the Internet offers you several advantages over classic buying from a local dealer. First of all, it is much easier to compare prices and offers on the Internet. Where you have previously compared three or four offers, there are now thousands of offers to choose from. They can also take advantage of regional price differences. Because new cars in Munich, for example, will be more expensive than in a small Saxon town. Furthermore, the dealers have significantly more options to give them discounts because they incur less costs. Previously, a seller had to advise and take test drives for hours. This is largely eliminated today and the savings are passed on to the customer. Because the comparability on the Internet means that the dealers undercut each other to find new customers. Therefore, the probability of actually getting the best price is very high.

Are the providers serious?

If you think that the whole thing sounds too good to be true and there has to be a catch, we can calm you down. With the big and well-known providers there is no danger that they work dubiously. In addition, the platforms only act as intermediaries anyway and they conclude the purchase contract with a resident dealer. Of course, you are welcome to inquire about this and then, if in doubt, simply buy from one of the other dealers. However, the dealers are also checked anyway, so there shouldn't be any problems from this side either.

What should be considered?

Even if the cheap offers may inspire one or the other to make spontaneous purchases, it must be said that you should definitely take your time and carefully examine all areas and prices. After all, transfer costs are often very different for different retailers, or small details of the equipment are not exactly the same. There is no hurry to buy a car anyway.
It should be particularly emphasized that they have to check the total price in the offer and especially in the contract. A small typing error or a wrong cross in the equipment can make up several hundred euros. So stay focused until everything is signed. Then you will have permanent pleasure with your new car at a bargain price.

Are there any alternatives on how to get a new car cheaply?

Are you looking for cheap new car offers but prefer not to buy online? Again, there are ways to get great discounts and pay significantly less than the dream car would actually cost. In order to get a particularly good offer offline, there are actually only two really worthwhile ways. On the one hand, there is the possibility to buy so-called long-standing shoes at low prices. These are new cars that the dealer has had for a long time and has not been able to sell. This may be due in part to a special color or engine, which is not in great demand as originally thought.
On the other hand, there is also the chance to make a bargain when it comes to model changes. So if the new model is already in the starting blocks, the dealer must quickly sell the previous model. This is usually only possible through very low prices.


There are many great options online and offline, very cheap at one New cars get. However, the Internet will probably also be the first choice in this area in the future, since it offers a much better selection and is therefore much more versatile. Either way, it's worth investing a little time to compare and not accept the first offer.