I buy my new Seat online

I buy my new Seat online - what are the advantages of buying it on the Internet and how does it all work?

The search for a new car has always been the same for decades. First you go to your trusted dealer, get detailed advice for a while and then arrange a test drive. If this test drive corresponds to your own ideas, you can have your sales consultant prepare an offer and possibly negotiate a little about it. Price-conscious buyers may repeat this process one or two times in another car dealership in order to be able to compare several offers. The offers and details are then checked and a purchase decision is made. This process is proven and not wrong, but there is a much better and generally cheaper alternative today: buying a car online. In the following report, we explain in detail how a car purchase works via the Internet and what things should be considered.

What are the advantages of buying my new Seat online?

Buying a car online offers a number of answers for you as a customer. First of all, they have a much larger selection of possible vehicles and equipment on the Internet. You are not tied to a specific dealership and usually receive the best possible offer without long negotiations, because the dealer in turn has to compete with other dealers. This means that you will always find the best offers across Germany and are not regionally restricted. The Internet also offers them an ideal starting point if they urgently need a car. If, for example, you already need your new Seat in a week, you are very limited on site and have to take what is in stock for good or bad. However, on the Internet you will find such a large selection that you are guaranteed to get your dream car. In general, however, the significantly cheaper price is the main argument for buying on the Internet. The prices are lower because the dealer is very competitive as described and on the other hand because he does not have to do long consultations and test drives. Buying on the Internet is cheap and very convenient and is therefore definitely worth considering.

Where can you buy your new car online?

There is now a large group of providers in this area. The different platforms are all more or less the same, but differ in some of the brands offered and also in the prices. Common brands such as Seat, however, are available in a wide range on all larger portals.

Why do you sometimes get significantly higher discounts on the Internet?

We have already answered this question in the beginning: The dealers have significantly lower costs by selling on the Internet, as there is no personal advice and a test drive. This saving is then passed on, of course, because you want to undercut competition and get new customers.

How exactly does car buying work on the Internet?

The process is always largely the same on all portals. First you look for the desired model and select it. Then, if you wish, you usually have the option of making individual adjustments. For example, you can adjust the color, the motorization, but also the equipment according to your wishes. Then simply request your personal offer. This can be done directly online or by phone. Especially if you still have open questions or special requests, a call to the dealer is recommended. Because even if you buy online, you always have a classic dealership as a contract partner, which you can contact at any time. When all questions have been answered, you can place the order and look forward to your new car.
The delivery can then also take place as usual directly in the dealership, in the factory or at your location. However, delivery to the front door is not yet available on all portals.

How do you find the really best price on the internet?

The Internet usually already offers cheap prices anyway, but the individual offers are sometimes very different. Therefore, you have to compare the offers of the different portals in detail. Because it is not uncommon for offers to differ only in details of the equipment or the motorization. The total price must also be observed. A cheap price can quickly be wiped out by overpriced transfer costs. It is therefore absolutely advisable to compare and thoroughly read all agreements in order to be permanently happy with the purchase. When ordering, you should also check the equipment again. Better safe than sorry.

Which cars are particularly cheap on the Internet?

Cars that have been with a dealer for a long time and are not sold are particularly cheap. This can often be due to details such as an unusual color or features. Likewise, models that will soon be replaced by a successor are very inexpensive to buy because the dealers have to make room for the new model. If you have no problems with that, you can get great vehicles at incredible conditions.

Can you finance or lease your new car online?

As already explained, your contractual partner is always a classic car dealership. For example, if you have bought a new Seat, the relevant dealer will of course be happy to charge you for financing or leasing. With the purchase on the Internet, you have no disadvantages compared to other customers of the retailer.

Do I get a guarantee on my new car?

Of course, as a customer you also have a legal claim to the manufacturer's guarantee. For example, you can drive your new Seat to any authorized workshop and get help at any time. They can also drive to the on-site workshop for service, regardless of where they bought their car.

Can I actually exchange my car bought online?

One or the other may think: I buy my new Seat online because I could return it after 14 days if I shouldn't like it. The idea may seem tempting, but it's not quite right. Because of course you always have an exchange or return right of 14 days when buying on the Internet. However, the dealer can request compensation for the use. With a new pair of trousers, the dealers do without it, since it has no relation. In the case of a new car, however, between 20 and 40% of the new price is lost with the registration alone. They would then have to pay the dealer several thousand euros as compensation. A not really worthwhile business from the customer's point of view.

What should you watch out for when buying on the Internet?

In order to be satisfied with buying a car online in the long term, buyers should note a few things that we would like to summarize briefly. On the one hand, it is absolutely necessary to think in advance about exactly what requirements and wishes you have. Then you should compare the different portals and their offers with each other and also get written offers, which must be read carefully. Please also inform yourself about the contractual partner. Because they know their local dealer, but rather not a dealer at the other end of Germany. A short research, or even a personal phone call is a sensibly invested time before buying a new car. When ordering, the details regarding equipment and costs should also be checked again. Then there is nothing standing in the way of a convenient and cheap car purchase on the Internet.