Accident - what now?

Auto Accident - What Do You Need To Know?

It happened, you were involved in a car accident and now you are wondering how to proceed. At first, you should calm down and act carefully. The following tips will help you to behave competently and prudently so that you do not have to fear any disadvantages or mistakes.

Which behavior is correct at the scene of the accident?

First of all, it is advisable that you calm down after a car accident and do not panic. The most important thing after you have come to rest is to secure the accident site. In any case, you should do this first. This includes putting on the safety vest and switching on the hazard warning lights. It is then planned that you set up the warning triangle approximately 100 meters from the scene of the accident. If your car shows minor damage, it is definitely advisable to remove it from the danger zone immediately. However, if there is major damage, you should make sure that you do not remove any traces of accidents. In this case, you should wait until the accident has started.

The next step is to take care of any injured people through first aid measures and to inform the rescue workers under the well-known numbers 110 or 112. To do this, you can use your cell phone or an emergency phone.
When the rescue workers or police arrive, the location of the accident and the vehicles concerned are recorded. In any case, you should have the ID papers shown on the opposite side. It is also advisable to note the most important data here, such as the license plate number, contract number and addresses. Furthermore, the exact time and location of the event are recorded. Images of the accident and the vehicles are then created. The names of the witnesses of the accident are also recorded and at the end each party signs the accident report.

The last step involves notifying your insurance company so that they can clarify all the other points that are necessary for you.

What information should you absolutely record or exchange?

  • Exact time and place of accident
  • Number plate of the opposite side
  • Insurance of the person who caused the accident
  • Form of accident participation (causer, participant etc.)
  • Vehicle owner data
  • Vertragsnumm is
  • Data from possible witnesses

In which case must the insurance be included?

Since the majority of German insurance companies note an obligation to provide information in their terms, it is important that every accident must be reported to your insurance company. It differs whether you are the opponent of the accident or the person who caused the accident.

If the person who caused the accident is you, you should inform your insurance company immediately. This then clarifies all further steps for you. In addition, you should refrain from making a debt admission at the scene of the accident.

If you did not cause the accident, contact both your insurance company and the insurance company of your counterpart. This then explains the further procedure.

In which scenario is the involvement of the police recommended?

You should carefully consider the involvement of a police authority. The police should always be informed if people are injured or injured in your car accident. The same applies in the event that significant damage to property has occurred under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the event of an accident involving slight sheet metal damage, it is generally not necessary to involve the police. If you are unsure, reporting to the responsible authorities is not an obstacle.

The same applies if it is not clear who caused the accident or those involved live abroad or the vehicle has a license from abroad.

An important tip is that you write down the names of the officials and their department so that questions can be answered later.

What details should you capture?

In any case, a photograph of the opponent's identity papers is recommended. In addition, you should record the damage to the vehicles and the traces of the accident, such as brake or tire marks on the road. Furthermore, it makes sense to determine the scene of the accident. If possible, a distinction should be made between detailed and remote shots.

Accident sketch - what should it contain?

The preparation of an accident sketch is generally not subject to precise specifications. However, it is recommended that the sketch is made in such a way that all elements are clearly recognizable and clearly assignable. Furthermore, the sketch should not present any misleading details. In the best case, outline all the vehicles involved, any traffic signs and any existing accident signs. This enables an outside third party to better understand the accident afterwards.

What is an expert for?

There is no generally applicable template for the precise preparation of an expert opinion, which every expert uses. However, the procedure initially involves contacting the assessor so that he can assess the accident vehicle. The damage is precisely documented during this assessment. In this case, the reviewer creates the images independently. You will then receive a calculation of your damage and an approximate estimate of the remaining value of your car.