Car care - which car washes do experts recommend?

Car care as a German cultural asset
A washed car is almost a good thing in Germany. Car wash is essential, especially if the pollen still leaves streaks on the windows and paw prints of cats can be found on the roof. But which washing systems are best suited? Everyone probably has their own opinion, but below you can see what the experts think.

Car care - which car washes do experts recommend?
Not all car washes offer a full range. Therefore, you should be clear beforehand which washing program is necessary at all.
In the case of particularly heavy soiling, for example, systems with manual pre- and post-treatment are useful.
But if the car is relatively heavily soiled and you don't want to choose the most expensive program, the ADAC recommends a simple foam wash. If the soiling was too heavy, a second wash or a second wash would make sense.
You can also do without car washes or car washes with hot wax preservation. Because according to ADAC, this wax treatment only lasts very short. Instead, it is recommended to polish the paint yourself with hard wax after cleaning. This lasts longer and is also cheaper.
An underbody wash, on the other hand, is especially necessary in winter, since the road salt can attack the underbody and engine parts.

Old or new car washes?
Basically, one can say: New car washes are usually better than older ones. The Society for Technical Supervision (GTÜ) has carried out various tests here. In older typical portal systems, defects often occurred during the wash cycle. In particular, areas that are somewhat more difficult to access were cleaned very poorly and inadequately. The door edges were often still dirty after cleaning. There were also numerous stains on the paint after cleaning. The problem with these partially outdated systems is that they are not designed for larger SUVs. The technology here is based on the dimensions of older and smaller cars.

Check the condition of the car wash urgently
The GTÜ also recommends that you thoroughly check the condition of the car wash first. Dirt and torn wiper blades in the corners should be clear warning signals. Rust on the technology, clogged water drains and a foul smell in general are all indications that the car wash is getting a bit long in the tooth and your car can no longer be optimally cleaned.
It is also important to check the cleanliness of the brushes. The ends of the nylon threads are particularly important. If they look extremely brittle or frayed, the dirt can get caught in them relatively easily. The result of this may be that the brushes cause small scratches in the paint when washing.
It also makes sense to look at cars that have already been washed before the possible wash. This is the best way to convince yourself of the quality of the system.

Newer systems offer more service
Only modern gantry car washes can wash really large vehicles satisfactorily. In addition, the new systems have larger brushes for the rims and the underbody wash is carried out with swiveling nozzles. The swiveling nozzles are particularly advantageous because the underbody of the vehicle can also be cleaned completely.

car washes
If you want a better cleaning result, you should think about car washes!
Car washes are a little more expensive, but they usually give you a better result than ordinary car washes. The ADAC found this out in some of its tests. Accordingly, the wash cycle in car washes takes a little longer, but the cleaning is much more effective.

Prewashing can help
It often makes sense to soften the dried dirt before the actual wash cycle. Because pre-washing makes it much easier to let the car and the paint shine back in their old glory. If you want to do this work yourself, a spray lance or just a bucket of water is recommended.

Cost saving
If you want to save money on car washing, then you should do things like prewash or wax treatment yourself.
Furthermore, a thorough price comparison is recommended in advance, because this way you can choose the best and most suitable offer for you.