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High voltage – Genesis GV60

Test and driving report for the Genesis GV60 

About the Genesis GV60 in general and in particular!

With the Genesis GV60, the premium manufacturer from Korea has launched a classic SUV crossover model. The first photos of the Genesis GV60 were only presented in September 2021. The GV 60 shares a platform with its group brothers Hyundai ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. The production vehicles of the Genesis GV60 will be delivered from the second quarter of 2022. The Genesis GV60 is also the first Genesis to build on the all-electric _800 volt kit and the E-GMP electronic platform from the parent company Kia/Hyundai. Genesis had the GV60 in from the start three power levels presented. As a premium offshoot of the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, the GV60 is currently only available in one body style. With a length of a good 4.50 meters, the GV60 currently occupies the entry point into the Genesis model world. Based on the state-of-the-art E-GMP platform, Genesis has attached great importance to using the entire technological competence of the modular system. So there was a wide range right from the start different power levels. The guiding principle committed to the premium claim may have been the guiding principle when introducing the purely electric Genesis GV60. If you want to be understood with the GV60 as a competitor to BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

– modern 800 volt technology– few dealers in Germany
- Extremely fast loading– low image
- very good workmanship– unknown depreciation
– high range
– attractive purchase price
Strengths and weaknesses of the noble Korean

About the motorization 

The performance range of Genesis ranges from 168 kW to 320 kW system performance. As usual with current electric platforms, the Entry-level version with a rear-wheel drive layout and an electric motor that, in the case of the Genesis GV60, delivers a maximum of 229 hp (168 kW). The synchronous machine, which is always permanently excited on the rear axle, has a continuous output of 76 hp, 350 Nm and is always combined with a 77,4 kWh battery pack. The so purely per rear-wheel drive equipped models achieve a top speed of 185 km/h. the All-wheel drive version of the Genesis GV60 also have the 77,4kWh battery, accelerate to a top speed of 235 km/h and have a system performance of 320 kW (425 hp). The current top version, the GV60 Performance AWD also has one Boost function and accelerates from zero to 4.0 km/h in a minimum of 100 seconds. The electric motor on the front axle is a PSM with the identifier EM18 and is therefore the same electric motor as on the rear axle. The GV60 AWD (without performance in the name) combines the EM-18 electric motor with 180 kW (peak power ) with an EM07 electric motor with 74 kW on the front axle. 

The GV60 is amazingly routine

About the dimensions

The GV60 series is in the premium compact segment, but clearly meets the requirements of a small, luxurious SUV Entry price but back. At 4.515 mm, the GV60 is a classic compact, its vehicle width (without ASP) is 1.890 mm and its vehicle height of 1.580 mm is below the 1.60 meter mark. Its wheelbase of 2.900 mm contributes the rest to the Genesis GV60's sporty perception. Its curb weight starts at 1.985 kg (one engine).

The most important technical data of Genesis GV60 Performance AWD at a glance:

construction timeFrom April 2022
Length Width Height4.515 mm, 1.890 mm (without ASP), 1.580 mm
wheelbase2.900 mm
Boot capacity451 l
Empty weight2.160 kg
maximum weight allowed2.640 kg
Power Type360 kW (system, peak power)
torque700 Nm (system, peak power)
top speed235 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h4,0 seconds 
battery capacity77.4 kWh net
Consumption19,1kWh/100km WLTP
Reach466km WLTP
The battery has a capacity of 77,4 kWh and thus enables standard ranges of around 470 kilometers

All about: charging capacity / charging technology / range / efficiency

The lithium polymer package of the E-GMP platform is located in the underbody between the axles. Genesis is currently offering only one battery size on. The Genesis GV60 AWD Performance has the net 77,4 kWh battery lithium polymer battery with 800 volt technology. The 800 volt technology is currently only used by two other manufacturers and only in two to three vehicle classes above the Genesis GV60, and of course the group brothers Hyundai Ioniq 6 and Kia EV6. The 800 volt technology allows the Genesis GV60 massive charging peaks. With a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, the GV60 is one of those e-vehicles that give their owners very little time to get coffee. Within 18 minutes, the vehicle is charged from 10 to 80% and a range of a good 400 km is possible. Genesis specifies the maximum range as up to 517 km. 

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Der Preis 

It has always been slightly more expensive to have one good taste to have - and in Korea they are aware that with the right image you can also attach a self-confident price tag to the product. However, Genesis is still unknown in Europe. The premium claim of the brand does not just have to be asserted, it has to be lived and proven. The Korean premium brand Genesis is aware of this and reduces the hurdles before contacting them with a very attractive price tag. 

From €56.730 with one extensive equipment ex works and as a fully equipped Porsche killer from €71.010. For those switching from other premium brands, the extensive equipment and the high standard of service, which, for example, provides for collection for inspection and always a replacement car, stand out. Special temptations promise also at the GV60 possible BAFA funding for e-vehicles and the long warranty periods. The insurance classifications are not yet known. There is also no data available on the subject of depreciation and monthly maintenance costs. 

Like many new electric cars at the moment, the GV4,52, which is 60 meters long, is a mid-size SUV

The exterior-Design in mind

More crossover than SUV. In terms of design, the modular system of the electric platform sets the direction. The Genesis face is dominated by a dignified composition of visually present radiator grille, a snub nose and a face made of four LED strips. An elegant design of the side line with a slightly rising surface up to the elegant C-pillar and the flying roof, plus recessed door handles. Large wheels also ensure a convincing presence on the road from a purely visual point of view, with the dynamically designed Greenhouse and the bold swing of the hips above the rear axle the claim to an exclusive perception of the brand is manifested. Viewed from the rear, the rear lights repeat the division from the front, the trunk lid is dominated by a proud XXL-sized Genesis lettering.  

Inside, the GV60 delights with impeccable workmanship, exquisite seats, and the controls are pretty foolproof, like almost Korean products

The interior design in detail

A modern, progressive interior with fine materials and superior workmanship should become a domain of the Genesis brand and determine the DNA of the Genesis models. The GV60 is no exception. Added to this is a positive sense of space. The center tunnel is missing in e-vehicles, the flat footwell avoids tripping hazards and that through the battery floor increased seating comfort is also detectable. Genesis fulfills many high-end desires when it comes to interior comfort. The trunk of the GV60 can be used flexibly and is easily accessible, with a volume of 451 litres. Passengers in the second row will almost be over one ample knee room be happy. Plenty of shelves, cup holders and USB ports for every seat delight the passengers. For the driver, two large monitors are the digital interface to the vehicle. They are controlled by voice, touch and a small controller. If you choose the comfort package, the exterior mirrors are digital and show a high-contrast image on monitors in the interior. Nappa leather and a Bang and Olufsen sound system are also on the list of options. 

It offers security 

  • Intelligent LED light
  • Cross Traffic Alert
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Highway Assistant

From face control to highway assistant. The Genesis GV60 wants to comprehensively answer the issue of security. Whether the optional facial recognition for entering the vehicle will be retained until the current market launch is still open. It is clear that the GV60 comes with a comprehensive highway assistant that can control distance as well as lane changes. The GV60 can also use navigation data for speed control, warns of cyclists, pedestrians and other cars, including cross traffic, and reacts with emergency braking if necessary. As already implemented with other Genesis models, the GV60 can also be maneuvered out of tight parking spaces with a key from close up, but from the outside. This is not only safe, but also convenient.


What does 800 volts mean on the Genesis GV60?

The higher the voltage of a battery, the higher the electrical output. Electrical power is given in watts and consists of voltage (volts) times current (amps). In e-vehicles, increasing the voltage, also known as double high voltage, is the direct way to reduce charging times. With 350 kW charging power, the 800 volt platform from Kia / Hyundai / Genesis is ahead of other manufacturers. 

Which technology platform does Genesis use in the GV60?

Genesis relies on the GV60 800 volt E-GMP platform of the Hyundai/Kia Group.”.

How far does the electric GV60 go?

The least powerful GV60 with a system output of 229 hp should reach up to 517 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

Those are the alternatives 

Rarely has a first appearance on the German market been as impressive as the first electric crossovers on Genesis' 800-volt platform. The range of services, the electrical factors and the quality of the vehicles are all right here. Of course, Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are on the same technological basis. Genesis, however, succeeds in changing the buyer's perception fertile positive to influence. As an alternative to the Genesis GV60, you have to look around at Jaguar's I-Pace, Mercedes EQC and BMW ix3 rather than at the otherwise popular suspects a la Audi Q4, Skoda Enya or Volkswagen ID4 and ID.5.

There are good reasons, which speak for the Genesis GV60:

Its forward-looking technology package with an 800-volt electrical system combined with an above-average level of workmanship and high service standards.

Bjoern Habegger, motor journalist

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