What does the Citroen logo mean?

The French automobile manufacturer Citroen is a company founded by Andre Citroen with a very distinctive logo. Here is the answer to the very exciting question: What does the Citroen logo mean?

In 1900 Andre Citroen acquired the rights to a patent for the manufacture of a gear cutting machine in Poland. Thus, the first products from Citroen were not yet vehicles, but herringbone gears for gears. These worked by means of a so-called double helical toothing, the “herringbone toothing”. And it is precisely this double interlocking that is reflected in the Citroen logo, which has not changed its basic character to this day. That would answer the question: What does the Citroen logo mean?

But here is a more detailed look at the history of the Citroen company and the further course of dealing with the Citroen logo.

At first Citroen produced these gear cutting machines, but the big politics made changes necessary. From 1915 the company switched to the production of grenades. That had become obsolete in 1919. Now they moved towards the production of complete vehicles. From 1919 onwards, the Citroen company was a manufacturer of automobiles. It was only at that time that a logo was started. The first Citroen logo lasted only two years, until 1921, but already provided the basic idea for the logo, which is still used today.

This already had the double angle as the central element. However, this double angle, with the tips pointing upwards, was still surrounded by an egg-shaped frame. The entire logo was blue with a white background, but the edges of the blue lines were surrounded by a bright yellow.

This was also retained when the first change was made in 1921. Now the entire background was blue, with a slight purple tinge. The egg-shaped with its double angles was changed to completely yellow. This egg was again on an elongated octagon.

From 1932 to 1935 there was a total deviation from the previous design, only the double angle remained in the Citroen logo of that time. This yellow double angle was now in a circle. A swan was swimming in front of the double angle, below it was the lettering Moteur Flottant Citroen.

Apparently this logo was not well received, so in 1935 the old version was reverted to, but the old logo was designed in three dimensions. This strengthened the emblematic character of the logo. In principle it looked identical to its predecessor, only now the lettering “Citroen” was added, also in yellow and under the double angle.

Later color change in the logo from yellow to red

Two more variants followed in the following decades up to 1985. In the first, the logo consisted only of the yellow double angle, which was surrounded by a discreet circle. Then the purple-blue was integrated again as a background in a rectangular frame with a yellow border. The name “Citroen” also returned to the logo.

From 1985 to 2009 this word came to the fore. The color scheme was also changed completely for the first time - only the double angle was retained. Now it consisted of white paint on a red, rectangular background. The lettering below was in black.

In the last evolutionary step of the Citroen logo, this framework also fell. Since then, the double angle has been kept in 3D and in silver-gray. Below that is the lettering, which in turn has now taken on the red color from the previous model.

Since then, the double angle looks a little like floating above the “Citroen” logo, which conveys a certain lightness. But the whole thing is still based on the product that started everything at the French company Citroen: the double gearing of the gear cutting machines. Incidentally, only that double angle is emblazoned on the vehicles. The company is not named there.