Do you have any questions about our great offers or the full-service leasing packages?

Anyone who drives a vehicle and wants to be completely carefree is well advised with all-in leasing. The abbreviation stands for “All Inclusive” and is used in leasing as a synonym for full leasing. All-in leasing offers for new vehicles offer special added value because they work with numerous modules. Leasing customers thus have a high degree of flexibility and can design their offer individually.

Comprehensive service overview

You don't want to worry about damage or accidents? Then the comprehensive packages are just right for you. As part of your request, choose whether you would like to use the additional service. Your monthly rate is calculated in real time. So you benefit from a complete solution, transparent costs and save valuable time.

What is included in the complex leasing offers?

Universal leasing offers for all-in leasing are divided into different modules. Complete leasing is always possible without a down payment and the corresponding services are conveniently paid in monthly installments. Customers can choose whether they want a single calculation or an accurate calculation based on actual costs. All Leasing offers can also be freely combined. Do you have any questions about our great offers or the full service leasing packages?

Examples of complex all-in leasing offers

Maintenance and wear and tear are an example for the universal module for leasing. Here, the all-in leasing takes over the maintenance and inspection costs, which depends on the information provided by the manufacturer. The advantages are that the probability of failure is significantly reduced and the leasing vehicles are always in excellent condition. If you have booked this module in complex leasing mode, you must use this service in the workshop and thus avoid annoying billing.

Changing tires is also a practical part of integrated leasing. With every change of season, the appropriate summer or winter tires are fitted and old tire sets are disposed of. If you want, you can also arrange storage. This ensures a safe journey at any temperature.

Comprehensive leasing involves several expenses

All-in leasing offers do not relate to the repair of cars, but are also linked to the administrative work related to the operation of the vehicle. One example is the insurance payments for all-in leasing, which offers comprehensive insurance at particularly low rates. The optimal insurance protection is determined and booked by the provider.

Service workshop

This service option typically includes all checks and maintenance as specified by the manufacturer. The estimated costs include salaries, spare parts and lubricants during the inspections. In addition, all repair costs are borne as they are due to technical wear and tear during normal use. The estimate should also include salaries and spare parts. The assumption of basic test fees according to § 29 StVZO and the exhaust gas test contained therein should also be part of this service component if used for a longer period.

If new cars are sold or returned to the dealer after three years of use, this component can be omitted as the main inspection is not carried out during this time.

Emergency service

The use of an emergency service that leads to costs in the entire service package only makes sense if the vehicle manufacturer does not have a similar offer or the company or the employees who use the vehicle are not members of the auto club. For this reason, this article should be carefully examined for its necessity.

Car replacement service

The need for a car replacement service should also be checked. There may be vehicles in the park that can be used in emergency situations. Depending on the application, other options include car exchange services and cooperation with car rental companies. If the car is intended for maintenance or minor repairs in the workshop, this can often be arranged with the customer.


With this package you need to check that the main content of the service is clearly defined. This includes the free choice of the manufacturer, the correct tire sizes and the corresponding speed indicators. You should also check whether the winter tires are mounted on steel or aluminum wheels and whether the cost of wheel alignment is included. Another factor: the total cost of a tire service package. In many cases, a local tire dealer may offer a cheaper tire, replacement, and storage offer than a full-service package.

Fuel service

This service can be an interesting offer. Cashless payment processes make refueling easier for employees, and all receipts can be read and processed quickly and easily in the accounting department.

Save additional costs for services

If you sign a lease for a longer period, there is often an all-in service for the car. You will have to bear these costs yourself for most leasing contracts, but there are also offers that include a service package. These offers include service and wear and are offered for a small additional charge.

Frequently asked questions about full service leasing (FAQ)

What is full service leasing?

With a complete all-in leasing contract, you will receive a maintenance package in addition to the rental contract. This package includes all maintenance and repair work on the vehicle. This is an additional offer that many leasing companies offer for a monthly surcharge. In this way, the customer can drive a car easily and at no additional cost.

What does maintenance leasing cost?

For a lease with maintenance, you have to accept a surcharge. Service packages often cost between 25 and 100 euros per month. This depends on the vehicle and the selected mileage.

Does the all-in service include insurance?

No, insurance is not automatically concluded after a full service contract has been concluded. In some cases, the provider also offers an insurance package in addition to the service package. At the same time, you can take out comprehensive insurance against a monthly surcharge. Do you have any questions about our great offers or the full-service leasing packages? If you are looking for all-inclusive leasing, you should familiarize yourself with an all-in car subscription that applies to all services with the exception of refueling.

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All-in leasing offers real flexibility.

Desires change as does life. With a leasing contract, you select your desired vehicle and then switch to a different model if you want it. Even as a trader, you remain dynamic through leasing, for example if you want to adapt your company's fleet to different order situations. Whether private or business, all-in leasing gives you the freedom to react flexibly to changes in your life.

From motor vehicle insurance to individual insurance or service components: thanks to the special leasing offer, you can receive additional services on request - under fair conditions and transparent costs. So you are always on the move without worries and enjoy the journey with a leased vehicle.

Your provider will help you with individual leasing and the all-in package. You can use it to discuss the model and the equipment of your vehicle and thus determine the details of your leasing contract. Your dealer will collect the car at the end of the rental period.