Do you want to lease a BMW, are you looking for cheap Audi leasing offers or maybe you want the Renault Zoe leasing offer without a down payment?

Car leasing is the most popular, but also the most difficult form of vehicle financing in Germany. This auto leasing guide gives you a clear view of things! All the conditions and benefits are explained - from A for car leasing to L for a leasing contract to Z for the target rate.

Do you want to lease a BMW? How does it work?

The term leasing comes from the English language and means “rent”. Car leasing is therefore the transfer of the use of a new or used car from the lessor to the lessee. During the tenancy, the tenant, who can act as a private or commercial customer, pays the landlord a monthly rent for the use of the car.

The amount of the monthly installment primarily depends on the cost of the car and the contractual rental period, which is usually between 12 and 60 months. In most cases, the longer the car is leased, the lower the monthly rental price.

The rental company is always the owner of the vehicle and the renter is only a temporary steward. After the lease expires, the car is usually returned to the leasing company. It is also not uncommon to buy a leased vehicle at the end of the contract or to arrange a subsequent lease.

You want to lease a BMW - this way you can set the monthly payments flexibly

In general, car leasing works as follows: You pay a monthly fee and thus compensate for the actual use, ie the loss in value of the vehicle value. Basically, the term of the leasing contract and the mileage affect the monthly installment. If you want to drive something for a longer period, the rental price is usually lower. Therefore, you have to consider which mileage and how long the contract best suits your personal needs.

You can also reduce the monthly leasing rate with the option of a down payment (the so-called special payment). This can be of interest to you, for example, if you are selling your old car when leasing a new car and want to invest this money in the lease of a new vehicle. Depending on the amount of the deposit, the monthly rate is reduced during the rental period.

Of course, you can also rent your car at a good price without paying a deposit. Are you looking for cheap Audi leasing offers or perhaps you want the Renault Zoe leasing offer without a down payment? On our website you will find leasing offers with and without security services from the best-known car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Opel, Mini, VW or Mercedes with the corresponding options for mileage. But you can not only rent new cars - renting used cars and returning the leasing contract also offer you the prospect of particularly favorable leasing conditions.

What does car leasing cost?

The cost of leasing cars cannot be quantified, but is based on various, sometimes individual, factors. Next, the focus is on the principle of mileage leasing, which is widely recognized in the industry. The highest cost is the rental price, which mainly consists of the following factors:

+ Car leasing gross price - the more expensive the model, the higher the rental price.

+ Contract duration - the longer the contract is, the lower the leasing rate.

Lease rates can be reduced with a down payment

With automatic leasing, the lessee can make an advance payment before entering into a leasing contract. In principle, this amount can be chosen freely and can be achieved, for example, by selling or trading in an old vehicle. The down payment is spread over the entire contract period and leads to a significant reduction in the monthly leasing prices.

But even without a down payment, car leasing can save a lot of capital compared to financing or buying for cash. The financing rates are significantly higher than the leasing rates because they are based on the price of a new car and not, as with leasing, on cost reductions. For this reason, vehicles can also be leased that are normally beyond their own financial means. Are you looking for cheap Audi leasing offers or perhaps you want the Renault Zoe leasing offer without a down payment? Find out more about leasing without collateral.

Tax benefit: As a trader, deduct the leasing rates from the tax base

For commercial customers, an advance leasing payment can make sense for tax purposes. As the profit of the company is determined on the basis of the calculation of the income / surplus, the commercial tenant can directly estimate an advance payment for the lease as operating costs. The trader can also deduct a down payment for the rental of a privately used car as advertising costs. But only if the latter also uses the car for operational purposes in the form of external measures (e.g. meeting with customers). For example, the business section should be clear from a detailed log book.

Example: An XY employee owns a leasing vehicle that he has rented with a down payment of 10.000 euros. XY uses this car 10 percent for customer visits as part of its professional activities. Therefore, XY can estimate advertising costs of 1000 euros for tax purposes.

As a new lessee, the usage rights for the vehicle remain with you until the contract expires. You can return the car, read on or buy at a residual value. Here you have the advantage that special lease payments were often made when the contract was concluded and you therefore receive very favorable monthly lease payments without down payment and short deadlines.

Use the online platform and choose your car for leasing - regardless of whether it is commercial or private leasing. Would you like to rent a car or look for cheap leasing offers? Then you've come to the right place. Regardless of whether you want to rent a new Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi or one of many other models - you will always find the right offer for your leasing contract with the new vehicles. Thanks to many years of experience in the leasing business and the favorable purchasing conditions, we can receive a high discount from the manufacturers for most new vehicles. So the providers can offer your dream model at affordable leasing prices.

Car leasing is a form of financing in which you only pay the monthly rate for the actual use of the car. In contrast to cash purchases or financing, ownership of the vehicle remains with the landlord, to whom the tenant can return the rental property after the agreed rental period. The main advantages of car leasing compared to other forms of financing such as car financing are the maintenance of liquidity due to cheaper monthly rental prices and optimally planned expenses when concluding a full service contract.

The rental price should only cover the loss in value due to the actual use and is therefore much cheaper than the purchase burden at which the entire cost of the car is to be paid. Car leasing is offered for private individuals as well as commercial leasing for companies. On new car platforms you will only find new German cars, no EU vehicles.

Advantages of car leasing

Leasing not only has significant financial advantages, but also many other attractive advantages for you if you want to drive a new car.

+ You stay liquid - the landlord pays the purchase price. They accept the actual use of your car as a low monthly rate.
+ Maximum planning security - the monthly rental price and the rental period are fixed from the start. The prices remain unchanged during the entire contract period, so that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.
+ Full discounts - Thanks to special leasing discounts from many manufacturers, new vehicles offer the lowest prices

End of the lease - what's next?

When the lease expires, you can choose again. Do you want to lease the car further? Then the providers will be happy to make you an offer to extend the leasing contract. Or use the purchase option and buy the car based on a recently calculated offer. Of course, you can simply return your vehicle at the end of the leasing period. Are you satisfied with the service? Then the manufacturers will be happy if they can keep you as the lessee by directly selecting a new car from the range for you at an affordable price.