Lifestyle: The Mercedes GLA with tailwind

Automobile manufacturers have long been swimming on the big, powerful, colorful lifestyle wave. Hardly any car class embodies this lifestyle trend as much as the segment of compact SUVs. Cars that look as if they are ready for anything, driven by people who all too often live the lifestyle of colorful fashion leaves. I can not do anything with it.

A car with four-wheel drive, with ground clearance and with off-road war paint must show off-road what it can do. The new Mercedes GLA is the youngest representative in this segment and will undergo a first test in the coming week. Until then, the lifestyle topic remains current and my reservations rather large.

Blonde hair, young, athletic, attractive. This is how the PR department of the automobile manufacturer presents the customer of choice for their own car. Far from the facts of this world. Because car buyers are getting older. Often only a decade is left until retirementwhile the signature is placed under the new car sales contract. So it might be. Everything does not matter. In marketing, a blonde and young beauty plays the better leading role.

She is also sporty, the kitesurfing champion and globetrotter Anne Valvatne.

In wonderful pictures, Anne Valvatne tells of her passion, kite-surfing. Her car? Of course a Mercedes GLA. Because the spot comes from Mercedes and shows in beautiful pictures how advertising works today. Not a word about the GLA. It is only incidentally in the picture. Instead, Anne tells how she came to kite surfing, show the cameras as the young Norwegian impressively through the winter spray rushes. Camera settings copied from Hollywood, a soundtrack reminiscent of epic battles and tragic moments. Pure feelings in a clip just 190 seconds long.

Well done Mercedes. Well done. 

We'll see next week whether the GLA is more than "just another" lifestyle SUV! 

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