Practical everyday companion - Kia Venga

The Kia Venga is a small van. This genre has gone out of fashion. The Kia van has a lot to offer.

Small vans once occupied the model niche that is now used by Mini SUV is filled. Small and handy, with plenty of space and variability: the small vans like the one Kia Venga (2010 to 2019) convinced everyone with their practical properties. Visually, however, they made less; Small SUVs can do that even better for current buyers' tastes. As a result, vans are a species that is becoming extinct. 

Body and interior

The 4,08 meter long Kia Venga offers comparatively good space. On the one hand, this is due to the wheelbase, which is 2,62 meters for a small car. On the other hand, the good sense of space is fed from the height (1,60 meters) and a flexible seating configuration. 
The rear seat passengers benefit, for example, from the rear bench seat that can be moved lengthways by 13 centimeters, and when fully set back, even people with long legs enjoy very decent space.

The trunk holds at least 314 liters, but if you move the rear seat forward, 440 liters are available. If the rear seat backrests are folded down - the result is a flat loading area - the value rises to 1.486 liters. These are decent values ​​for the size of the vehicle. The loading sill is also quite low, so that loading and unloading heavy objects does not cause back problems. 

Practical everyday companion - Kia Venga
The Venga is 4,08 meters long

Typically a van, the driver sits slightly higher. This not only improves clarity, it is also easy to get in and out. The interior dispenses with gamblers and relies on practicality. When it comes to the external appearance, the Venga is more of an inconspicuous wallflower, even after the facelift in 2015 that will not change much. The brand face known from Ceed and Sportage with the so-called tiger nose radiator grille has adorned the front since then, and there were also modified rear fog lights.

Motors and drive

The engine selection is clear. Only four engines were on offer during the production period: two petrol and two diesels, each with a displacement of 1,4 or 1,6 liters. The petrol engines (66 kW / 90 PS and 92 kW / 125 PS) are offered in combination with a five-speed manual transmission. A four-speed automatic is also available for the larger engine. The petrol is enough for everyday life, provided you are not too impatient. They master the sprint from 0 to 100 km / m in 12,8 and 10,8 seconds, respectively, and the top speed is specified at 169 and 185 km / h.

With consumption values ​​between 5,9 and 7 liters, the engines are no wonder. The diesels are more economical. The 90 hp entry-level self-igniter, like the top diesel (128 hp), consumes an average of 4,5 liters. They score with their pulling power (220 and 260 Nm). The power is transmitted via a manual six-speed gearbox.

Equipment and safety

The Venga was offered in three equipment lines. As is so often the case, the level of comfort (Attract) is more something for those willing to do without. From "Vision" and especially from "Spirit" it becomes more comfortable. The top version includes automatic air conditioning, heated seats in the front, heated leather steering wheel, fog lights and 17-inch alloy wheels on board. But Kia also offered packages with additional equipment for the lower equipment lines. The Koreans also had special models such as “Dream Team” in their range. Those interested in used cars must therefore always check on a case-by-case basis which equipment details the desired model has. 

In terms of safety equipment, the Venga 2010 was up to date and had ESP on board. The minivan passed the NCAP crash test with a five-star rating. 

Practical everyday companion - Kia Venga
When it comes to the external appearance, the Venga is more of an inconspicuous wallflower, even after the facelift in 2015 that will not change much


The Venga usually masters the TÜV visit without major complaints. According to the TÜV report, the number of defect-free vehicles is above the segment average, but with a mileage level that is well below the average. When it comes to the environment and emissions testing, there are seldom complaints. However, the minivan also has weak points. These include problems with the steering joints as well as springs and dampers. The brake discs also cause frowns from the TÜV inspectors again and again. If you are interested in a used car, it is best to have a professor check your desired copy. 


The Kia Venga is a practical vehicle that, thanks to its dimensions, is also a pleasure to look for a parking space in urban areas. For older models you have to invest around 4.000 euros, models from the facelift are offered from around 7.500 euros.

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