Vario financing

You are looking for cheap New car Vario financing offers? Here you get the best Vario financing with new vehicles. With their online financing offers, many providers offer unique special conditions for selected models. With Vario financing, you always remain flexible. Use the financing calculator now and receive free Vario financing offers by email.

Variofinancing is a modern form of car financing that combines the advantages of classic financing with the advantages of leasing. At the end of the day, you can decide for yourself whether you want to return your car or pay a predetermined purchase price.

Even if there are still car buyers today who prefer to buy their new cars for cash, car financing is now the usual form of car purchase. Instead of looting the accumulated cash, modern financing models are an easier and more flexible way to buy a new car. Anyone who chooses intelligent Vario car financing today is much closer to their dream car. With the Vario calculator, options can be calculated precisely and the price of a new car can be determined most easily. In fact, some providers have associated particularly favorable conditions with Vario financing.

The car loan market with its many car loans and various offers that are difficult to understand is unclear to many. Installment loans from various banks with or without equity, such as balloon loans or tripartite financing, make it difficult to understand when you can afford a car loan. Our car finance guide introduces the main forms of Vario vehicle finance, identifies common questions, and provides valuable advice so you don't get lost in the financial jungle.


Questions and answers about Vario car financing

Tune your new car with a car configurator or choose immediately available cars to get a high discount on a new car. Financing without a deposit is advantageous in certain circumstances. With this financing of a car, the first payment is only made if the vehicle is actually used. Financing new cars without a down payment is particularly important in the area of ​​financing models. You only have to pay fixed, calculated monthly payments, which ensures a high degree of planning security. The financing models of many other providers offer this option and do not unnecessarily complicate the purchase of a car.

How does Vario financing work?

Vario financing is a modern form of car financing that combines the advantages of classic financing with the advantages of leasing. With Vario financing, you do not pay the full cost of an already produced or freely configurable new car, but only the actual loss in value. As a result, monthly payments are much cheaper than traditional finance and more transparent than tripartite finance. In addition, you benefit from the unique purchase conditions, so you can count on very low monthly payments. The special thing about Vario financing is that at the end of the financing you have the option of buying a car at a fixed price.

At the end of the term, you decide what to do. You can:

... return the car,
... buy the car through a previously guaranteed purchase option,
... finance the remaining purchase price through subsequent financing.

Leasing vs. Funding vs. purchase

In contrast to a purchase or traditional financing, the lessor remains the owner of the vehicle during the vario financing period and therefore bears a residual value risk. Because regardless of the performance, you can freely decide whether you want the car or not.

Advantages of Vario financing

+ Security planning: A monthly rate and a guaranteed purchase price are set from the start
+ Flexible purchase option: At the end of the contract you have the choice: return the car or buy it - you decide according to your needs
+ Safe purchase price: The provider already guarantees the purchase price at which you can buy a new car at the end of the term
+ Inexpensive and intelligent: taking into account all costs and interest, you pay significantly less than the list price
+ There are no additional costs: if you choose to buy, you don't have to pay extra fees for kilometers and scratches

What are the financing requirements for Vario financing?

+ Minimum age 18 years
+ Resident in Germany
+ Secure employment and fixed income
+ Schufa is positive
+ Creditworthiness can be improved through guarantees or guarantees (e.g. for small incomes).

How do I choose Vario financing?

Are you looking for cheap new car Vario financing offers? In addition to leasing, you can also choose Vario financing for each model. Select Vario financing to view the relevant offers. In contrast to many banks, the Vario financing prices are always without a down payment. You can make an advance payment and thus reduce the monthly amount. You can see the effect of the deposit on the monthly amount directly online. The last installment and the additional purchase price remain unchanged.

What needs to be considered in the final installment at the end of the term?

The return takes place like a leasing car. You simply return the registered vehicle to the provider. Due to the constantly low interest rates, Vario financing is also an ideal form of financing for private individuals. Due to the low monthly payments, individuals also keep their liquidity and have more money for all other investments.

If you are considering the option of financing a car through a manufacturer's bank, you are often given little discretion when discussing discounts. As a result, many private car buyers pay too much for their vehicle. Experienced buyers agree on unique purchase terms, including attractive discounts and bonuses. Together with the favorable conditions for new vehicles, Vario financing is particularly advantageous for private customers.

How does vario financing differ from other forms of financing?

The shorter the term, the higher the monthly installment to repay the entire loan amount. In addition to the annual interest rate, the monthly installment is also decisive. Before closing, the borrower needs to calculate whether he can afford monthly payments without getting into financial constraints. In order to maintain a low monthly rate, some lenders offer tripartite or balloon funding.

Disadvantage: In order to receive the entire loan amount, a high one-off payment for the residual value is calculated at the end of the term. A deposit is added to tripartite funding. In order for a car loan to be repaid faster and more flexibly, the contract must also include the right to special repayment. This enables higher one-off payments over the term. This can either shorten the remaining time or decrease the monthly rate.

Cheap car finance: There are these types

With classic financing, you pay off the purchase price of the car, including interest, with constant monthly payments. The prepayment amount and duration increase or decrease the monthly fee and allow you to choose a plan that suits your budget. After the contract has expired, you can freely decide whether you want to buy the car, continue financing it or return it. In contrast to leasing, with Vario financing you have the option of becoming the owner of the car.

Vario financing with down payment

A deposit can be paid if the Vario financing is used to buy. This is the first installment of the purchase price due. The deposit is often paid by customers, as this significantly shortens the time from the second to the last installment. The car purchase price at the end of the term remains unchanged due to the possible down payment.

Car finance without down payment

Banks often require a deposit of at least 10% of the purchase price. With some providers you can finance the desired new car without a down payment. With sufficient creditworthiness, you do not need any capital to drive a new car.

Solvency (creditworthiness) is an important factor when financing cars. It is checked whether future payment obligations can be fully and punctually met. This protects not only the bank from loan defaults, but also customers from excessive debt. For example, if you have completed an apprenticeship, you need current proof of income.